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One touch app to take a photo and send to my email

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  • One touch app to take a photo and send to my email

    Often I scribble on a piece of paper some notes which I photo and email to myself for processing. I find that the iPad is very good at this, perhaps because I can see the full resolution of the image as I am taking it using the retina display.

    When I am not near the iPad my android phone is used instead in the same way.

    I am wondering if there is a one touch photo app on android (or ipad too) which automatically emails the snap? Would be good to check the focus before sending too.

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    I use Evernote on iPad and Android phone in a similar way, easy to capture a snapshot of page that then syncs to other devices. Not quite one click, but has the advantage that notes become searchable even when handwritten. I think this requires Evernote Premium subscription.


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      Not quite what you're looking for, but .. .. ..

      If you use DropBox, the android (not sure about iPad) app allows you to set by default, automatic camera uploads to your Dropbox account.

      They end up in a folder called, logically enough, "Camera Uploads".


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        To follow up on Paul's post, Evernote will do it in one tap (not including the camera shutter) if you're on Android. Add the widget, add the "quick image" tab to it, and you can tap that to quickly add a photo.

        Like johnaohman said, though Dropbox is even faster. I use Google+ (and by extension, Picasa) which has the same auto-upload feature. Quite handy.


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          extracting to-do's from photos

          I had a similar step in my workflow and found that post processing the images routinely sidetracked me. I hated transcribing what I had already written.

          Being a software developer, I created a simple software tool for my own use. I've since allowed a handful of friends to use it as well.

          It let's me take a photo of my notes and it automatically extracts the parts of the photo that contain to-do items (it looks for a special marking) and puts them into my Omnifocus inbox where I can process them within my normal workflow.

          No more transcribing my handwritten notes!

          If you're interested in sharing the service, drop me an email. Just be aware that this is NOT a commercial service, and there is NO "customer service" - but it should work fine as long as there is only a small group of users.

          mdcougar AT gmail DOT com