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Digital Voice Recorder to Text

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  • Digital Voice Recorder to Text

    Is anyone using a digital voice recorder (pocket variety), downloading the file to the PC and then converting them (transcribing) "automatically" with a voice recognition software? Can it be done? Recommended set ups for Windows? TIA.

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    As far as I can tell, this is a fantasy. I had a really good voice recorder and really good recognition software and it really didn't work at all.


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      I had a software rep demonstrate this ability to me with Dragon Naturally Speaking a couple of years ago. Worked really well. I don't remember what the voice recorder was, except that it was Sony. Recorded onto memorystick, and then she had a memorystick drive on her laptop that Dragon Naturally Speaking transcribed off of. I could probably find this gal's contact information if you wanted to talk to someone directly.

      For the record, I trained Dragon Naturally Speaking for about three minutes, and then did a test run at transcribing and got 100% accuracy. It is key to have a good mike and sound card.