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Friction Free Reminders Using Emailmepro and followupthen

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  • Friction Free Reminders Using Emailmepro and followupthen

    I just had an interesting idea.

    I was recharging some batteries which I need to stop charging in 16 hours. Setting an event on the calendar with an email notification would be fairly straight forward, but for things that I do fairly often I think it can be made really really easy using an android phone.

    Email me pro app allows you to send template emails with a couple of clicks. But instead of sending the email to myself, I am sending it to the followupthen service.

    e.g. for the batteries the email goes to and that email will be delayed 16hours before I get it in my inbox.

    Then to make things even easier, I have created a widget on my homescreen so I can press just one icon and the email will be sent.

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    A Text Reminder is Another Option

    A text reminder would be more helpful for me because it doesn't require checking my email to see the reminder. I just googled and see there are a number of apps for iPhone and Droid for such a service.


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      very good idea.

      For the batteries though, emails are good because they don't interrupt too much like texts can. For things that can't wait, an alarm can be set which might be better because it still works when you don't have a signal. If there was a one touch alarm setting widget that would be cool.