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Privacy policy on Intentional Software website

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  • Privacy policy on Intentional Software website

    I've been so excited about the David Allen Co. / Intentional Software partnership. I was hoping to participate in the process in some small way by registering to get updates and provide feedback. But before I gave my email address out, I checked to make sure that it wouldn't be rented, sold, swapped, or otherwise shared.

    The result: a cold shower. Intentional Software emphasizes that it offers website users no privacy whatsoever. Its Terms of Use say that any information that users communicate to the company by accessing its website or otherwise IS NOT CONFIDENTIAL (emphasis original) and "may be accessed, collected, used and disclosed by [Intentional Software] lawfully without restriction at any time or times privately and publicly."

    Wow. Makes me wonder how much -- or how little -- privacy will be taken into account in developing the new platform. Too bad, you know, because those who care most about the issue are the ones most likely not to provide input.

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    Intentional's website privacy statement and the GTD project

    As the Intentional Software project lead for the GTD "Meta" App, I wanted to personally address the concern our web site's privacy statement has caused.

    The statement was created in our company's early start-up days when we were deep in technology development and wanted to protect us from frivolous intellectual property claims from third parties. Today the situation is very different as we now have been granted a set of patents protecting us. So it’s time to update the privacy statement, which we will do.

    Relative to the GTD "Meta" App efforts, our intent is to solely utilize the names & email addresses submitted at for which they have signed up for:
    · surveys - participate in customer research surveys intended to provide user experience and feature input into our development process;
    · newsletters - receive communication regarding the current state and progress of our project;
    · partnering - receive information regarding partnering opportunities directly tied to our GTD "Meta" App project;

    I absolutely welcome the GTD community to actively participate in the GTD Meta App project. For the success of this project, it is critical that you – the core GTD community – is active and help shape what the GTD app should become. We are just about to do our first survey and I welcome the larger GTD community to actively participate. As for the privacy statement, we will fix that – thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    Branch Hendrix, Intentional GTD lead


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      That's welcome news. I appreciate it and now plan to participate. I wasn't kidding when I said that I was excited. I think that GTD is the greatest thing since, well, yeah, sliced bread. What would make it even greater is a better technological implementation than I've found.

      Thanks for your work and your consideration.