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Re: Omnifocus substitute for MS based computer

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  • Re: Omnifocus substitute for MS based computer

    Hi all,

    I have never used Omnifocus but after seeing a number of reviews/write ups on it I was just wondering is there a good substitute for Omnifocus but on a Microsoft based computer?

    Kind regards,


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    Evernote. It does not have nearly as many features, but that might be good. Check out "TheSecretWeapon". I've used that a lot when I was still PC based.

    Now, I'd probably use Outlook. We set this up on my spouse's PC after watching a webinar here on GTD Connect and we followed the setup guide. I must say it works very beautifully. Everything is integrated and easy to get to.


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      Thanks for the reply Oliver!!

      I had a brief look at "thesecretwork" and I couldnt find out 'exactly' what it was all about although I did notice that it uses Evernote as a basis for its program. Can you elaborate more on its functions?

      Also, at the moment I havent got Outlook although when I upgrade to the new Windows 8 I will definately consider getting it (at the moment I only use Yahoo mail - and have done so for many years)!

      Kind regards,


      P.s. did you use the Outlook program as is or set it up in any particular way? Whether that be setting up yourself or with an Outlook GTD plug-in etc?


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        Regarding The Secret Weapon:

        It's a short little video series about how to setup Evernote to use for projects and action lists.

        Evernote itself is just a program that saves notes, pictures etc. It supports folders and tags and The Secret Weapon makes use of these features to setup the basic GTD lists.

        It won't however help you with your calendar, emails, etc.

        Regarding Outlook:

        Nope, just plain vanilla Outlook. We followed the guide you can download here on GTD Connect. It's very step-by-step with screenshots. It took us maybe an hour to setup the barebones system.

        [edit] To make things as easy as possible, I'd go with a program such as Outlook, which has been vetted by the GTD team, and their coaches use it successfully for years. My thinking is, the root cause of a faulty system is either the user or the tools. Since the GTD team went through the trouble of going through an elaborate vetting process, I'd use that, which leaves me with only one point of failure: Me! If I can't make a vetted tool work that the GTD coaches themselves use, the problem is probably between my ears.

        Warm regards,



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          Question for Oliver about mobile


          What does your wife use for mobile GTD? Does she use Outlook, and, if so, how and on what kind of phone (or tablet)?



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            Not much mobility going on! I manage the Errands list for both of us in OmniFocus (I'm on a Mac setup). He uses his iPhone as capture device though, sending emails to himself.

            I did a quick google search on "sync outlook iphone" and I had a few hits with setup tutorials. I'd share the links but I'm located in Germany, and all those links where in German.


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              Thank you for the reply -- and for being so gracious about my evidently incorrect assumption!



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                I did as you said Oliver and downloaded the GTD Outlook set-up Guide!!

                Hi oliver_r,

                As the title suggests I did as you suggested and downloaded the Outlook (2010) GTD set-up Guide. (I originally set it up on my home computer but it wouldn't sync over to my BlackBerry Torch phone due to a yahoo connection error : ( so in the end set it up on the work computer).

                It is only early days yet but after using it for the first time today I have to admit that it has helped me to be more organised for the day. I like the idea of organising it based on contexts and also being computer based which means that if I require any information I can simply bring up the particular category that I need and print it off - or sync to my BlackBerry - which I can do on the work computer.

                I will report back in a month or so to let yous know how I am going with it but yeah so far it is a winner (especially when you consider that I was using paper and had to write out my daily list either the day before or in the morning of the next work day - very tedious work indeed). The GTD system through Outlook is definitely a great time-saver!!

                Kind regards,