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Looks like I'm done with Things. What next?

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    Appalling levels of organization

    Originally posted by mcogilvie View Post
    I didn't mean to imply to anyone that I was not happy to receive advice.
    I am generally very good at exploring the dark corners of software, tough.
    Like my natural ability to write bland, bureaucratic prose,
    it's not necessarily a good talent to have.
    I do not think it's interesting that so much has been written
    about OmniFocus. Dini's book, for example, set a high water mark
    for appalling levels of organization with me.

    I am playing around with a radically simplified OmniFocus,
    as well as Reminders and Wunderlist. No clear favorite yet.
    I generally never have or make the time to read anything that provides me that much information on any software. I like your phrase "appalling levels of organization"--if I had to weed through that with any tool, I'd dropkick it into the next hemisphere in about 3 minutes!


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      OmniFocus takes a little effort to simplify it to be an effective GTD system but I found the payoff worthwhile. I'd suggest the DAC set-up guide and Kelly's GTD Connect webinar (e.g. sign up for a free trial).
      Last edited by Mark Jantzen; 05-10-2013, 07:50 AM. Reason: just a little effort, not a lot


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        Originally posted by mcogilvie View Post
        ... and decided to re-install and restore from the cloud.
        I know what to do, I've done it before, but this time... something is corrupted, and
        nothing will sync to the cloud database anymore....

        ... I know how backups work with Omnifocus and Toodledo, and I guess
        I will look into backups with Reminders too. Any other thoughts?
        This stuff could happen to all software solutions while syncing.... It's not fool proff just because you know how backup works on OF or Toodledo.

        This is the "charm" with software.

        I did a switch from OF to Things because of the speedy syncing. I will give it a try.

        Did you solve the syncing issue?

        Wunderlist as mentioned in this thread is the reason why my wife switched to iPhone..

        The sharing of the grocery list between our iPhones is golden.

        Best of luck with your choise of new software.


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          Originally posted by Mark Jantzen View Post
          OmniFocus takes a little effort to simplify it to be an effective GTD system but I found the payoff worthwhile. I'd suggest the DAC set-up guide and Kelly's GTD Connect webinar (e.g. sign up for a free trial).
          Thanks, both are well-known to me, but that's not simple enough for me right now. I've found that assigning next actions to projects just slows me down. This is exacerbated in OF by several things:
          - I don't really like the matching algorithm in the drop-down project list. Too many choices.
          - OF's mandatory assigning of next actions to projects. Yes, you can have a default list, but it gets big and useless. What's the point?
          - Inevitably, I succumb to temptation and put non-actionable information in a project. This really slows me down. I like outlines too, but too much "planning" just leads me astray.
          To summarize, I get more success right now using vanilla GTD.

          However, I do like OF's robust (but slow) syncing, good clipping, email into OF and start dates. So I've just set up my contexts as projects. This allows me to arrange my lists manually and duplicate items easily (duplication only works in project mode in OS X or iOS). I'm thinking about using contexts as locations, but haven't tried it yet. Anyone who has OF's locations features in iOS realizes that many contexts map to the same physical location, e.g., Home Office, Home, Garden, et cetera. I can do this mapping explicitly and automagically with this set-up, by setting the "projects" Home, Home Office and Garden to a "context" Home. It's a bit twisty.


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            Try DoIt.IM

            I've cycled through all the programs that have been mentioned on this thread.

            A while ago I stumbled on DoIt.IM. It is cross-platform (Win, Mac, iOS, Android) AND can be accessed on the web. Supports todo email to the inbox. Free to try, very inexpensive to buy. Very active development and fast tech support.
            I've been surprised that it hasn't received attention on Connect (although I may have missed the discussion.)

            (The main rough-spots from my perspective relate to UI quirks. Based on the tech support blog, I expect a number of refinements very soon.)