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GTD software to handle next actions that are not ready to get done

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    Originally posted by Globen View Post
    And at the moment I want to focus on implementing GTD in my life, and not on smart software.
    Yes! Exactly! If the software's bogging you down, heck, there's always paper!

    I make lots of, shall we say, "how-do-I-execute-this-project" checkbox lists by hand... It's faster than typing, and most actions will be completed quickly anyway. Why bog down a digital system (Delete. Delete. Delete.) when you can crumple them up and move on?



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      Originally posted by Globen View Post
      I have tried to implement GTD using Evernote. I felt that Evernote was a good tool to use for data referencing, but I have a problem when using it for administering projects and actions. My problem is with that my action lists are overpopulated with actions that are not relevant.

      Example: Let's say that I have defined a project that consists of four actions A, B, C and D, where D is dependent on action C being completed, C is dependent on action B being completed, and action B is dependent on action A being completed. The only action that is relevant for me when beeing in a context where action A can get done is action A. And if I am in a context where action B can get done, but action A is not yet completed, then action B is not relevant for me.

      I have considered using Evernote to collect and archive data, but writing my own software for handling projects and actions. But before I do so, I would like to hear if anybody out there have had the same challenges, and if there indeed is software out there that can handle this (I have done some searching myself).
      I use Evernote for my GTD system and the answer to what you ask is here:

      This book by Daniel Gold makes all the difference in the world and he is personally responsive to questions.