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  • Iqtell

    I am surprised that I have not heard more buzz about IQTELL on these forums! I came across it quite by accident when an ad showed up on my facebook page.

    I had been a user of the NetCentrics Outlook Add-in for years but was frustrated by the lack of customization capability and the lack of a dedicated, integrated list manager for my iPhone / iPad.

    IQTELL is a web based GTD application with these outstanding features:
    1. Combines email / calendar / contacts / tasks / projects / Evernote,
    2. Dedicated apps for both iOS and Android,
    3. Ability to remove features not used or needed to customize interface,
    4. Outstanding training through videos and webinars,
    5. A VERY active user forum with constant moderation, and
    6. Frequent updates, based on user feedback, taking the software down the path to perfection.

    I've searched for a customizable product that was visually appealing to me that would draw me to my work rather than repel me from it. I'm finally free from searching for the "perfect" tool!

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    While IQTELL might appeal to an Outlook user because of its integrated approach, that's not what I want. Also, the ios app looks kind of ugly, but that's just my opinion.


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      Too much 'i' in iQTell

      For me, I've found with the amount of travel I do in countries where I cannot rely on having the best internet connections at times, I can't depend on a web-based app.

      But it certainly does have popularity. The LinkedIn GTD group have a few ravers.


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        Having used IQTELL on two occasions, I think you would be better served by Netcentrics, or if that does not do it, have a look at ClearContext. IQTELL does not pass the system you could use if sick in bed test. It also does not have a reliable sync IMHO.
        Finally, you cant really do everything you need in IQTELL that you can do in each individual application. However, if it floats you boat, more power to you.


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          I recently switched to iqtell and love it.


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            IQTELL and its integration with GTD is beyond amazing. The best thing about it though, is it's developers. The program itself is still in beta, and the developers are the most responsive I have ever seen. They respond quickly to user questions, concerns, requests, problems, etc. and are constantly striving to make it better. I truly would be lost without it.


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              Trying IQTELL

              As I have been pushing myself to fully adopt GTD, I have just started using IQTELL since reading this thread.

              So far, it appears to have a true GTD orientation and I am finding it easy to integrate my tasks and projects. I have been very fickle in the "system" I use, bouncing from RTM, to Toodledo, to Outlook and back. IQTELL is the first one where I felt comfortable and actually looked forward to setting up my work.

              Thanks for the thread!


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                The comment about the developers being 100% responsive is right on the mark.

                Two upcoming enhancements will, in my opinion, make this a perfect product:
                1. The ability to "process" email from both iOS and Android devices, and
                2. Off line capabilities for the PC version.

                I used the Netcentrics add in for years, but just the inability to look at all context views without fumbling with a drop down box has made me happy . . .


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                  Can you print/export to excel from IQtell? And vice versa?

                  I've been doing GTD for some years now, and have always been using Excel as my tool. I sync it using dropbox, and it has been working great. Since a couple of months, I have an iPhone, and I have been experiencing the miss of not being able to put in immediately an action (I can look at my list, but not work in it).

                  Just before leaving on holiday I discovered IQtell and decided to experiment a little with it. So during my holiday I used it to process my incoming mails into actions (just deciding on the actions, I didn't set it up all the way with contexts etc). The daily 10 minutes of free wifi on the camp site allowed nicely to process my mailbox, without getting carried away and start working. It's great now to come back to a mailbox with almost nothing more in it than when I left.

                  Apart from the decision on what system I will go on using (Excel or IQtell), I have the practical problem of transferring my actions now.

                  Does anyone know if it is possible to export actions from IQtell to excel? Or if there is a simple way the other way around to import lines from excell into IQtell?


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                    Originally posted by bcmyers2112
                    Hi, Myriam. Yes you can export from IQTELL to Excel and vice versa. Actually to be precise it's not Excel technically but a .CSV file but those open just fine in Excel as I'm sure you know.

                    Unfortunately for whatever reason the data from certain fields in IQTELL won't export. Usually notes fields. This is a concern and something I as a beta tester have urged them to fix.

                    If you search the IQTELL knowledgebase for "Import" you'll find instructions for how to bring in data from a .CSV file. You just have to make sure the column headings in the .CSV file match what's in the IQTELL folder you're trying to import into.

                    IQTELL plans to go to market in the fall but there may be time to try it for free before then as it is still in beta at the moment. If you don't like it, you can always go back to your Excel files. I love IQTELL but GTD isn't about a specific toolset. The only bad toolset is one that hampers your practice of GTD. If quill pen on parchment works best for you then quill on parchment is a GTD system.
                    Thanks! That's good news.

                    I'm totally aware GTD is not about the toolset. That's why I'm still with Excel, from the beginning on (my setup within Excel of course changed over the years). And still very happy with it. I just bumped into the limits recently, since I started processing mail on my iPhone and couldn't immediately get my actions into my Excel file.



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                      About intents (funny) + question

                      Funny, this thing about intents. I didn't take your remark as being lectured at all. I was happy to read you had the same opinion as I have about the tools one can use for GTD.

                      About IQtell: I'm pretty happy with the app on the iPhone, but I also installed it on my desk top this week and I seem to be stuck in one view, being the dash board/next actions. I can't find how to switch to other views (like "actions", holding everything I put in during my holiday trial). I add a picture to show how it looks. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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                        Originally posted by bcmyers2112
                        It looks like the Left Navigation Panel (or LNP) got hidden.
                        It got hidden indeed, in fact it got minimised, but I found it now. I did think of this type of solution, but at the right side of the screen, don't know why I expected it to be on the right side, really


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                          IQTell Worth a Try for me too

                          Glad to find some other IQTell people here on my first day on the forums. I just found out about GTD and listened to the book on tape an have been experimenting with all the tools I can find (I've been a little obsessed actually). After trying everything out for a few weeks I realized a tool that can be used directly from within my inbox is pretty critical for the sheer amount of my work day that's spent in email. My current employer uses gmail so I installed ActiveInbox a few days ago and was able to get to Inbox Zero for the first time ever. But I don't think it's got enough robustness in the process and doing side of GTD long term and I'm hoping to change employers soon and wouldn't have access to gmail any more.

                          I tried IQTell out for a few days but got frustrated by a few things. It's got a pretty clunkly UI that's more about list management (good for GTD I know) than it is for the processing and daily management side of life. It's fairly outdated UI wise and since I design software for a living I suspect it's because they've focused on the very flexible database structure underneath the covers. If they hired a functional designer I think he or she could take the product to the next level and it would be head and shoulders above what everone else has got. It really has everything you could possibly think of and if they keep adding features and listening to customers at the pace they're doing now I think it will evolve into a fantastic product. I agree that their support and community are top notch as are their getting started info, webinars and tutorials. That UI is just so darn ugly though, like something hacked together in Access. And it's all monochrome so very hard to visually differentiate.

                          I really like the design and function of Nirvana but after a couple of weeks found that having to handle my email inbox separately was a pain. I"m also worried about their viability, very little communication and not many new features. I also like the iPhone app Walker. FascileThings is terrific if you're new to GTD, it's got a built in GTD training and tutorial mode. GetItDone is similar to Nirvana with different UI aesthetic. I loved how GTDAgenda has more than the doing level incorporated with goals and vision, all the horizon stuff.

                          I think what I'm going to do is keep using ActiveInbox with gmail for the next few weeks for my work stuff. And in the meanwhile I'll get IQTell going with Outlook and my home productivity and hope that'll ramp me in to using it well by the time I have a new job and find my worklife back in Outlook too.



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                            "That UI is just so darn ugly though, like something hacked together in Access. And it's all monochrome so very hard to visually differentiate."

                            You might want to go into Settings/Preferences and change the theme to Classic from New. It is more colorful and attractive. I too hated the monochrome blue.


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                              Do you really use both Surface Pro and iPad?

                              Originally posted by WAR View Post
                              IQTELL on my PC / IQTELL on my Surface Pro / IQTELL on my iPhone / IQTELL on my iPad
                              Do you really use both Surface Pro and iPad? Why? Are there any essential IQTELL software features that are available only on one of these platforms?