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Guide Height Folders

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  • Guide Height Folders

    There are 3 kinds of manila folders:
    guide height

    Interior folders are meant to go inside hanging folders. They have small tabs so that they don't obscure the hanging folder tabs. You still have to use those annoying hanging folder tabs and then, if you're so inclined, also use the interior folder tab. Not useful. What these folders are actually useful for is carrying around inside your attache or bag because the tabs, being smaller, don't tend to get scrunched up and frayed.

    Guide height folders are also meant for going inside hanging folders but are much more sensible. You can completely ignore those annoying hanging folder tabs. Guide height tabs are big. They stick up well above the hanging folder so that they are easy to see. There is plenty of room for a label or handwritten tags or both. So if you already have hanging folders or have a cabinet without a solid slider to hold up your manila folders, this system of combining guide height manila folders with hanging folders is really nice.