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@Action support folder and tasks

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  • @Action support folder and tasks

    Hi all,
    I have recently started to read about all the great things that GTD could offer to make me more organized.
    When reading about outlook implementation and looking on the great seminar about it i have started to use tasks more frequently.
    I have tried to drag mails with right mouse button to tasks - This is the best way according to me. But it is very difficult to trace the emails later on when the tasks is checked as completed. Is there a way of doing this more efficent?

    I also have tried to make a copy of the mail in the tasks and save the mail in the @Action support folder - This is causing finished tasks (mailcopy) to be stored in the @action support folder and confuse the organisation. Is there any way to solve this in a more efficent way?

    Please share your great knowledge.

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    You can continue to save tasks as an attachment. If you need to go back and find it, select completed tasks and then do a search for keywords that would help you find that task.


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      I use the Action-Support folder for current NAs only

      In my Outlook setup, I will use the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-K to bring up the new task window. Then I type descriptive Next Action to ensure that I've really thought about what I'm going to do. If the email will be required to complete the task I put the date of the email (in brackets) in the task title. I assign a context and save the task. Then I drag the email to my !Action-Support folder.

      When I've completed the task, that email gets dragged to my reference/archive folder. I just have one folder for each quarter and everything goes in there. Any emails that don't get dragged out of !Action-Support at the time of completion are caught during the weekly review and moved then.

      I do the same with !WaitingFor-Support. Many of these are dragged from my Sent Items, which I also process to zero as regularly as my inbox. Many an action item/waiting for lurks within those sent items!