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  • Docs to Go, and more..

    I need to purchase a PDA soon. I am looking at the Tungsten E and saw that you can add an application called Docs to Go (Dataviz) that allows you to store and read Word, Excel, Ppt and PDF. Does anybody have any experience with this Docs to Go?

    Also what are your thoughts on the Tungsten E? I run ACT! and will need to get ACT for Palm OS and it seems like a PDA that certainly can handle all my needs.

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    Tungsten E

    I have Tungsten E and I think this is the best basic business PDA. The only drawback is that it is not equipped with "Universal Connector" so you cannot use it with Palm Utlra-Thin Keyboard (but you can use Palm Wireless Keyboard instead).
    Documents-To-Go 6 software is included.


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      A basic version of Doc 2 Go may come with the PDA- but check out the dataviz website for upgrade options- depending on your needs. I upgraded mine to the Doc 2 Go 6.0 premium to increase the functionality. (it was only $19.99 to upgeade) So far the software has been great with no glitches.


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        Docs to Go

        I have found the Tungsten E great, it's reliable, good value for money, and has all the functions I need (although a voice recorder would be great). The Docs to Go software works well, no problems syncing Word and Excel files to the PC.


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          Palm Tungsten 3 & doc to go

          I have a Palm T3 and use doc to go - no problems and VERY cool! I use the wireless keyboard and it works great! The T3 has a voice recorder.
          Good luck.

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