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Issue synchronizing Outlook->Touchdown deleted/renamed categories

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  • Issue synchronizing Outlook->Touchdown deleted/renamed categories

    Hi, I use Touchdown (with Sony XPERIA) to synch to Outlook 2010.
    Whenever I add new categorie in Outllok, I see the new category in Touchdown, this works fine. Issue is whenever I delete or rename a category in Outlook ; renamed or deleted categories in Outlook do not get synchronized in Touchdown.
    Can anybody help ?

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    Issue synchronizing Outlook->Touchdown deleted/renamed categories

    Have you tried Refreshing the Tasks (not syncing)? (under Menu->More when Tasks are displayed)



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      Touchdown and Outlook sync problems

      I was having this same trouble (and the Touchdown manual is NO help). After "googling" around a bit, I discovered that you need to make sure that there are no events, contacts or tasks that still carry the category you are trying to get rid of. If there is even one task in the past with that category, Touchdown will still show that category, even if the category has been deleted in Outlook. Once I tracked those down and changed the category to something else, Touchdown synced correctly (except for one category that I still apparently have an event for somewhere in the distant past).


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        Issue synchronizing Outlook->Touchdown deleted/renamed categories

        Hi LFSCO,

        thanks, your hint was usefull ! I still had some contacts tagged with old categories. After I have deleted the old categories from the contatcs in Outlook, they are not showing up any longer in TouchDown. Now I still have only few categories to clean up, but I do not find where they are used. I have checked the tasks, contacts and calendar entries, and I do not find any element using that category. Any idea where else I can search for elements tagged with such unused categories (I am using Outllok 2010) ?


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          I feel your pain! I had one old category that I could not find anything attached to that refused to leave the Touchdown list. I had decided to ignore it.... And then, because I hated to tell you that you were out of luck, I went back to the problem and had a flash of genius (modestly speaking, of course). My tasks are filtered to only show those that aren't complete. When I changed the filter to view all tasks, I found the completed tasks that were attached to that last pesky category. AND NOW IT IS GONE! I hope this helps you too. Thanks for giving me that last nudge to look again.


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            THANKS !!! (And new Request )

            Hi LFSCO,

            thank you so much for your last hint : all unsued categories are now gone !!!
            May I disturb you with another question ? I also have following issue
            1) I would like to sort my tasks by "subject"
            2) so I select only one category and set the filter to "sort by subject"
            ISSUE : TouchDown does not sort the tasks by "subject".
            Any Idea ?
            (Mybe I shall open a new thread for this issue)


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              Happy to help


              I am glad you got rid of the unwanted categories. That's the kind of thing that will drive one mad...

              Re: your sorting question. Are you trying to sort just one category by subject and leave the rest in whatever sort you normally use? I don't normally do that and don't see a way to, given that the sort by function applies to all tasks regardless of what filter you have in place. I can successfully sort by category, then subject; which gives me tasks sorted by subject within each category. I can also sort by subject, giving me one big list of sorted tasks with varying categories.

              Or maybe I have totally misunderstood your question all together. Let me know



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                Hi Kate,

                let's try to better explain the issue with the help of the attached screeshoots :
                Filter.jpg -> I set the filter to see only task of one category
                Sort.jpg -> Tasks shall be sorted by subject
                Tasks.jpg -> ISSUE : Tasks are note alphabetically sorted by subject

                Thanks for your support.
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                  That was very helpful in seeing what you are trying to do and the results you are getting. However, I can't duplicate your problem on my phone. When I follow your steps, I get the expected results rather than what you are seeing.

                  When you are in the tasks screen, you can hit the menu button and an option to refresh comes up. This basically wipes all the tasks off your phone and reloads them from the server. Have you tried that to see if it makes any difference to your sort problem? My other suggestion would be to contact their tech support and see if they can help.

                  Sorry I can't be more help here.



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                    Hi Kate,

                    strange, my tasks are not alphabetically sorted, even after a refresh. Not so bad, I can live with that. Thank you anyhow for your support. Dario