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  • Memory Stick Voice Recorder

    I keep getting ideas while lugging my 9 month around so I need a one-handed capture tool. I had a look at voice recorders and most of them seem to have a whole load of bells and whistles that I don't need. I did see some "memory stick" voice recorders on that online auction site that look interesting. Simply switch the switch, say my idea and on the odd occasion I get to my laptop plug in the USB port, listen to the wav file(s?) and process the ideas. No batteries- recharges from USB, lightweight and easy to carry and presumably can be switched with one hand.

    Has anyone used one of these? The only downside I can see is audio quality. Years ago I tried a cheapo voice recorder and the quality was so bad that I could not understand what I was saying!

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    I used one quite a long time ago. The audio quality was pretty good, but it really can be improved if you use an external microphone (for recording conversations). But for quick comments, it was very useful.

    The downside was the process for getting the file onto the computer. The Sony software (and user experience on the recorder itself) was not very good. And, the software may not work with "modern" systems.

    If you have a smartphone of some sort, you may have a voice memo capacity built in or easily added with an app. For example, on my iPhone, I can use the voice memo feature (built in) or record into Evernote.



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      Olympus voice recorder and Dragon Naturally Speaking

      I have an older Olympus WS-400S voice recorder. Dragon Dictate does a decent job of transcribing what I record on it; have done a lot of writing of reports in the car, dictating odd "capture" items, etc. Like any inbox you have to empty it though.



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        Thanks for the replies Ron & Jim. I think you are talking about more advanced recorders. To give you an idea, it looks like a memory stick you would put into your USB port but it has a microphone and a small throw switch on. The switch is the only control- on to record and off when you're finished. I presume when you plug it in to the computer you get either one file you can double click with all your messages or you get a number of files for each recording. Don't know if I 'm allowed to link to the kind of thing I mean but here goes anyway...

        I might just get one anyway and post a review as they're fairly cheap.


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          Well I ordered one, not from the link but a similar seller. It took a week and a half to come from China (I am in the UK). Actually it looks pretty good. The switch is slightly hard to manipulate but I guess that stops it switching itself on in your pocket. In any case I have confirmed that I can make a recording while carrying a baby in one arm so it serves its purpose. The recording time is way more than required, something like 10 hours with a 1GB TF card (the memory card did not come with it but I had one lying around). If I had an inbox of 10 hours of audio notes then I would have a major problem! The sound quality is pretty decent to my ears, here is a sample:

          The format is mp3, even though the advert said it was wav, but that's not a problem. It saves one audio file per message which, now I think about it, is handy because it allows me to process the note before moving on to the next. There's no headphone jack so you have to connect it to the computer to listen to the notes. The only criticism I have of it is there is a two second delay between switching it on and recording- an led comes on to show that recording has begun. But I like the simplicity of it and it only cost a few bucks.


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            If you use the iPhone, I could recommend Say&Go ( - it does not contain any unnecessary bells and whistles. It just starts recording when you open the app and you don't need to stop the recording as there's a few-seconds time limit for each note after which it stops recording automatically. Files can be easily uploaded to Dropbox or sent via e-mail. Really useful for making and sharing short voice notes.
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              My htc smartphone has a built in voice recorder.

              I've also just discovered my Sony Walkman MP3 player provides a perfectly good quality voice memo. My computer treats the MP3 player when plugged in as another drive and so it's easy to access the files form my desktop. My only problem is that the voice memo is numbered automatically, so I can't give it a meaningful name.



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                Originally posted by RuthMcT View Post
                My htc smartphone has a built in voice recorder.

                Sure, the iPhone also has a built-in voice recorder but it's awfully counterintuitive and slow. I wanted something really fast which would resemble an old analogue voice recorder. Say&Go is best for that. It starts recording immediately when you open it. I find it especially useful in my car or when I'm in a rush - just open, say, and close the app. The note is saved. In a car, just open (e.g. using Siri) and say. It's going to stop recording automatically when the time-limit is done.

                And you can change the name of a recording within the app and when uploading to Dropbox