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Nozbe, Outlook/Exchange, Evernote, OneNote - where to turn?

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  • Nozbe, Outlook/Exchange, Evernote, OneNote - where to turn?

    Our small office is at the crossroads of either, imploding for all the reasons David Allen created GTD, or seeking salvation. For some reason it's all on me to figure out the best "solution." Frankly, other than having a tenuous grasp on the fundamentals of GTD, I don't have the background to know the pros and cons of various options.

    Presently we are a PC office using Outlook 2013 via Office 365. We have Exchange and use iPhones. We have been using Exchange public calendars for our daily to do's. We obviously want to maintain a more sophisticated system using GTD principles to help "shovel us out of the muck." Nozbe looks good, Evernote is useful but I'm not sure if we are losing functionality by veering away from Outlook or its synergy with OneNote.

    One problem we have is with our current set up is when an employee moves an item to another date, and there is no tracking or notification to know which employee moved an item or that it was even moved. I like Nozbe's "show activity" feature which indicates when an employee makes a change.

    If anyone has input I'd be very appreciative.


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    Asana and Trello might be worth a look for team task management.