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The ergonomics of storage solutions

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  • The ergonomics of storage solutions

    David Allen famously recommends the use of filing cabinets with high quality mechanics, labeled using a p-touch label printer. He's very specific about this for good reason, he understands the ergonomics of storage solutions.

    In a similar way, I recently discovered that aircraft mechanics use rolling cabinets costing several thousands. The reason is the same, ergonomics.

    I was just about to fork out for a good quality roll cab for my tools until I stumbled on this interesting thread

    The gem in this thread is the tip to hang the tools on the wall. Using some inexpensive mdf and a handful of nails, I gave it a shot. It is a brilliant way to get quick access to tools, possibly even better than the very best engineered roll cabs.

    All this got me thinking, has anyone ever written a book or white paper on the ergonomics of storage solutions? Surely someone must have, but google is not being helpful in finding materials. Anyone know?

    I am taking David Allen's principle of "high quality mecanics" and applying it to the home. Shallow drawers with Full extension (useful when storing small items) sliders are great for kitchen storage. As is the Le Mans magic corner. If the decor permits, hang utensils and pans from wall pegs. Shelves can be problematic if too deep, because they make it hard to get to the back.

    I have yet to find a fridge with full extension slider drawers, anyone know if these have been invented yet?