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Think ive actually PERFECTED the GTD system, but need help!

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  • Think ive actually PERFECTED the GTD system, but need help!

    So ive got a great system for managing ALL actions thanks to David Allen's amazing books.

    *I have All my projects listed & comfortably & consitently maintained
    *All my non-project actions on a list that gets updated when a new action flys in & has its own daily timeblock to be wiped clean
    *& Daily Timeblocks for routine actions
    *Lastly a Weekly "Collect, Process, Organise, Review & Do" Holistic Update of all my actions


    although all of my actions are out of my head, regularly updated, & i am literally ready for anything (inward flow of action-wise, please dont throw any sharks at me )

    it would be most masterful now if i could see all of my actions & how they spread out over the month & year.
    (mainly project wise)

    so i found google calendar and started tinkering but realised it doesnt have a SELECT & DRAG option, meaning if i need to reschedule something i might need to MOVE allll of my actions forward for that whole project which could span over a MONTH so 31 days of action moving. sounds like a whale of a time


    for anyone who gets this, is familiar with gCal or uses a similar calendar system, what do you suggest a fellow GTDer does to deal with delays that need rescheduling on their calendar without moving months of actions back & forth for hours everyday?

    much luck to you in your learning & eventually and growingly effortless application of productivity expertise!!