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NEC MobilePro 780

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  • NEC MobilePro 780

    A few years back I bought an NEC MobilePro 780, a super cool little hand held (9 1/2 in x 5 in), so that I could write anywhere at anytime. New additions to the family pretty much filled up all the gaps in my schedule and the NEC was set-aside for the most part. As I now contemplate a palm, I remembered the NEC, which I never used as an organizing tool. It runs Windows CE and it is virtually the same size and weight as my organizer, which I am already use to carrying around and which it would replace. In terms of the tech universe, I suppose it is now dated, but it will link to my desktop and run ActiveSync. Does anyone have experience using the MobilePro or know of major glitches this route will cause in terms of GTD? Thanks.

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    The silence was deafening, I spooked, bought an iPAQ. Love it.