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GTD, Outlook, and Palm

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  • GTD, Outlook, and Palm

    Help! I'm a fairly new GTD user, use Outlook and a Palm Zire 72. It looks like the Outlook Add-In would help me get organized and set up given the tools I'm already using. Just looking for advice, recommendations, and any potential problems. I scanned back through old posts, and couldn't find one specifically on point (if you posted before and just want to send me to the link, I'd appreciate that too). Thanks in advance!

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    Same question here too!

    I've been using the Palm Desktop for years and am planning to switch to Outlook. I already have it and I really like the calendar features much better.

    I'll also be switching from AOL to Outlook, so I have the chance to get things set up right - the first time!




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      I suggest you look at what Outlook has to offer first....

      I have Outlook 2002 SP-2 on my office computer (which has Windows XP Professional version 2002 service pack 1).
      The outlook calender has various view and task options including 4 GTD options (by appointment, project, task/NA, or combo) and 2 Franklin Covey task options. You can also print out your calender in Franklin Coveys Monarch or Classic sizes.

      Very cool! ---and this is with no additional costly add-ons or software that I have purchased.



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        outlook + palm + GTD = 100%

        I have a palm T3 and I use outlook with GTD outlook add-in, and I love it! I use it at wk also and it makes things EASY and FAST! I use the Chapura Key suite for the Synch to outlook(you can get the Pocket mirror that goes with the palm OS).

        I highly recommend outlook with GTD and your palm!