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Evernote vs. NetCentrics Outlook Add-in

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  • Evernote vs. NetCentrics Outlook Add-in


    I have been using Evernote for a while now, and have also, over the years, used elements of the GTD system. I am now looking to more fully and completely implement the GTD system. I purchased the Evernote Setup guide, and am getting ready to configure Evernote for GTD. However, there are a couple of complications:

    My personal (home) computer system is Mac, and I have an iPhone. However, my work system is PC, and utilizes Outlook on an Exchange server. I had tried (unsuccessfully) over the years to configure my Outlook into an integrated task/list/project manager and calendar. I had basically given up on it, but now, just as I am about to configure Evernote for GTD, I have discovered the NetCentrics Outlook plug-in.

    So, now I have a quandary: I need something that effectively integrates all tasks/lists/calendar items and emails, and at the same time works across all my platforms. Can I use both Evernote and the Outlook plug-in without creating a complicated mess? My concern with the Outlook plug-in is whether there is a way to keep the GTD structure intact on my home Mac and my iPhone. My concern with Evernote is whether it can effectively manage and tie subproject/subtasks together, and how well it can be integrated with my calendar. And, I currently have to use the Outlook Webmail to access my calendar from home, as my company has implemented AirWatch, and my Mac can no longer access the Exchange server.

    Has anyone been in a similar situation, or have any words of advice?


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    Here's the word of advice: either separate your personal and work systems, or use one decent cross-platform tool, such as Evernote, Toodledo or Remember the Milk. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time trying to get software that is no better than third-rate to work, sometimes trying to get software to do things it was not intended to do. Been there, done that, no t-shirt, sorry.


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      Originally posted by bcmyers2112
      My GTD setup is almost entirely in Evernote now. I followed the David Allen Co. GTD for Evernote guide. Works great, but no, it doesn't link projects, subprojects, and next actions. I used to think I needed that but am finding that it was actually more hassle than it was worth. You may want to try going without. The weekly review really does tie everything together nicely.
      I know what you mean. I think the DAC Evernote guide is a nice simple & balanced way to start using Evernote for GTD but I also found that I needed those project folders that kept all my project 'stuff' (next actions, file notes, project support materials) together. So I devised my own format. I've written about it if anyone is interested - here's a link to the blog post.


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        If you use exchange then nothing beats netcentrics, however it's not cross platform so you will still need something like evernote. If it's any help I use netcentrics for emails I send and I'm waiting for a reply and also for scheduling and snoozing emails. I use evernote for everything else, and there is no overhead from using both.