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What are the 5 Top applications for a plain vanilla Palm?

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  • What are the 5 Top applications for a plain vanilla Palm?

    I have a Palm m515. I have Doc to Go Premium and Pocket Quicken. I am torn between Thoughtmanager and Listpro as far as a new purchase goes. (and then there is Smartlist to go to consider...)

    I want to keep things as simple as possible - any suggestions?

    What do you think are the TOP 5 applications for a "plain vanilla" palm?


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    Top 5 apps

    By definition, a "plain vanilla" Palm is just that, no additional apps. You use only the built in todo, datebook and memos for your system.

    I can tell you the top five applications used by members of the GtD_Palm list and this has been consistent over the years: Datebk5, Shadow, Life Balance, Agendus and Bonsai. Todo+ is in use by quite a few and Note Studio is the latest addition.

    The easiest way to discover what applications you need (if any) is to start building your system in the built in apps. Where does it work best for you? What are the built-ins lacking? Where could you use more power? If you ask those questions, you'll find an application that works for you. Don't forget to use the full trial to make sure it's a good fit.


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      Another thing...

      Terri makes some excellent points. One more suggestion: test one addition to your PV workflow at a time. I have two reasons for making this recommendation.

      First, you'll have a better chance to really focus on making best use of the trial period to learn just how the new app can improve your technique. Learning and implementing multiple applications simultaneously falls somewhere between completely distracting and impossible.

      Second, adding a bunch of new software to your system all at once always creates the potential for instability. Some tools simply do not work and play well with others.


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        5 top apps

        A sure fire sign of a newbie is someone who comes on our list with three of the top five installed! They want to figure out how to use them and, like mochant says, they may not play nice together. By the time they've really learned the basic GTD habits, you start to see an app or two taken off. Most folks will find one or two apps at the most become their basic system. Some folks work fine from the built ins. It all depends on how you work and what tools you need to stay on top of everything.


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          I must of had 20 different apps on my palms over the last 5 years..

          I am embrassed to say how much time and money I have spent..

          I have had EVERY ONE of the apps mentioned in this posting so...
          and I mean EVERYONE>>>

          I use LISTPRO 4.0.. I LOVE IT... it is so much more powerful than it first seems.. I can create ANY column I want...sort and select in anyway..
          the Window side of it is very easy to use too...

          I can do GTD... in a breeze...

          soo... one man's opinion....


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            I use only Palm Tungsten E built-in applications (GTD implemented in a Project/NA as Contact manner) and I'm happy with it. Since they have added the birthday field to the Contact record you can even add deadlines to projects or tasks (of course because this is really misuse of the birthday field the deadline is repeated each year but I don't care - I haven't any project which lasts more than 6 months).


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              Perhaps what I meant was I am needing to go from plain vanilla to gourmet french vanilla Palm (lol)

              I find some of the built in applications just are not quite enough. One obvious enhancement was I got Pocket Quicken as Expense was pretty useless IMO.

              I am finding I use Doc to Go Premium much more often then the built in Memo- given the limitations of Memo. Memo seems sufficient for a few quick lists but even then I was thinking I may need to upgrade to either Listpro or Thoughtmanager for better results.

              Keep the suggestions coming please---I am indeed a newbie in the beginnings of developing a system and the perfect tool.




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                I know you're trying to keep it simple, but if you use Outlook and you have an older Palm, I highly recoment you check out the KeySuite. It's essantially Outlook for Palm. I have a Tungsten T, which was a huge disapointment out of the box. Newer models support Palm OS 5.2, which I hear, addresses many of my disapointments. But it's not backward compatible.


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                  More apps

                  I own both WordSmith & pedit, but pedit is what I use instead of the built in memos. It is probably not a good fit for you, since it's a text editor. I like being able to create larger memos and hide them in the p32 database. It also has a great way to link 4k memos together, so when you reach the end of the first memo, it brings up the next segment. I have a few simple scripts that I made to use too.

                  Another application you might find a use for is Handyshopper. Yes, it can be used for shopping lists. It's also useful for a lot of other lists. Some people even use it for their GTD'ing.

                  I've set a systems up in at least a dozen different combinations, with different applications. Every one had both strengths and weaknesses. In the long run, the application you choose isn't that important. It's most important to build the basic habits. You just want applications that don't get in your way.