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    I'm looking for an audio capture tool that will transcribe and either email me or enter in Evernote. Here's the catch: it has to operate entirely hands-free, so I can use it while driving. I'm on the trial for TalkScribe, which is OK, but not breathtaking. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!


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    You might want to try JotBox. It's nearly hands-free. Here's a video I did for Connect members on that:


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      Audio Capture

      With an Android Phone, you can start up Google search before you start driving and it will listen for you to say, "OK Google" (or "OK, Jarvis" for IronMan fans). After you get it's attention (with "OK Google") you say, "Note to Self" and it will listen and transcribe it for you. Works well for me for short messages. I have mine set to email the message to my work email where I do my processing.



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        iPhone: Siri w or w/o IFTTT

        Siri can send you an email to your task app. If you'd like it a bit smoother (quicker) you can tell Siri to "Remind" you instead - and you can have an IFTTT "recipe" automatically turn new iOS Reminder items into emails to your task app - or even move them straight into your task app, without an email, if it supports IFTTT. (There is another similar service named Zapier, and probably others, too)


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          Audio capture app

          You can try Voice2Note. It's not entirely hands free but since you can opena the app by making a voice call, if your phone is able to dial numbers via voice command it may be a solution.

          It also integrates with evernote.


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            Just found voice2text on iphone
            looks good but the audios are heard by the transcriber and then resent to you and cost a few cents