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  • TaskAgent

    This week I started using TaskAgent for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Will follow up after I've used it awhile but so far I really like it.

    TaskAgent uses lists that are in plain text files. I like the flexibility of plain text, I can view with Quick Look on my Mac and I can edit from other apps, both iOS and Mac. I like the security too, less chance of corrupted files, and I can access them from my own backups as well as Dropbox's versioning.

    Initially, TaskAgent stores your lists in the folder Dropbox/Apps/TaskAgent but you can move this folder anywhere. I have it in Dropbox/GTD.

    Drag to reorder items in the list. Double-tap to check an item as complete. If you prefer you can set this in the settings to single-tap the item as complete. Swipe right to left to delete an item. List item can have a note. Has search and lists can be in folders. Also has archiving but I haven't tried that out yet. Dropbox sync is working really well.

    You can add URL schemes to an Action menu. I added an action to send a list item to Due. Also added an action to search my library's website for the list item, I use that on my Books to Read list. There are lots of possibilities for the Actions - think of all the things you do with Drafts, if you have that app.
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    You might also want to take a look at Listacular for iPhone, also uses Plain Text files, same format as TaskAgent. Just discovered it and I like how you can add a due date to a task and add a task anywhere in the list. (Some apps just add new items at the top or bottom).