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Where do you put your lists and Next Actions Items?

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  • Where do you put your lists and Next Actions Items?

    Hi all,

    I'm sure this has already been asked a million times (in fact, I think I see a poll currently being taken), but I'm curious as to where, physically, people are putting their lists and next action items.

    I've devoted several pages in the front of my calendar for the lists but it tends to get kind of crowded and requires me to write everything and always have my calendar on hand.

    Conversely, I've tried putting everything on my iPhone and found that it's just too small to get the "big picture" of all of my next actions in perspective; I like to be able to see everything laid out.

    I'm definitely not moving as large an amount of tasks and actions as some folks on here, but I'm curious to see what methods are working for people. Thanks in advance and a Happy New Year to all!


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    Hi Matt,

    I use Omnifocus for my lists and think it's great! Assuming you purchase the app for your iPhone and/or iPad, it will sync nicely to all of your devices. It is only available on Apple products though. But you mentioned you'd like to be able to see the big picture. Omnifocus does a nice job with that.


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      Very happy Evernote camper here. And I can get it on all my devices.


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        Omnifocus for me

        I use Omnifocus, on my phone it's more of a check off done items thing, not review, on the iPad it's an emergency use only and I do all my review and planning and processing on my Mac.

        Key to Omnifocus is learning the power of perspectives. I've been using it since 2009 but I've only just begun to really understand and use perspectives. In fact, a big part of my year end review and planning for the next year is to focus on creating some better perspectives in my OF system to better reflect needing to focus on particular AOFs and particluar types of projects this coming year.


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          I also use Omnifocus and sync it across my Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

          I've also started to use the geo tagging on the iPhone. Pretty cool, I pull in to Walgreens and my "Walgreens" list pops up on the phone screen, so I don't forget things on my list.

          Its a powerful system but like Oogie said, you need to spend some time with it and make use of perspectives.


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            I use Outlook at work so I have been keeping my lists as tasks in Outlook and then sync with Remember the Milk to access them on my Android phone.


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              Thanks for the great replies, everyone!

              Will definitely check out Omnifocus in the near future..



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                Yet another vote for OmniFocus. When you do check it out, remember that you don't have to use all the features--you can start with a very simple setup and just have the comfort of knowing that the other features are there if you need them. I say this because sometimes people look at all those features, think they need to use them all, and go to something else.