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Missing "Scheduled" tasks functionality in Nozbe switching from Things

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  • Missing "Scheduled" tasks functionality in Nozbe switching from Things

    Switched from Things for Mac / iOS environment to Nozbe app which is accessible from any internet connected computer including Windows.

    Only feature missing in Nozbe is "scheduled" task, kind of digital tickler file where you can put it on separate "scheduled" list and set the time when the task should again appear for review and decide what to do with it. It's not a due date for task, but rather a tickler folder.

    In Nozbe only due date is possible for task.

    Please suggest any online app where you can put the task and assign date to send it back to email (Nozbe has its built in email)?

    I would like to separate such list from calendar.

    In the meantime set up workaround in Nozbe with Tickler context manually reviewed every day.

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    Originally posted by Dmitry Kultaev View Post
    I would like to separate such list from calendar.
    That's very rare in the apps I have seen, but I totally agree. Almost every app has a feature called Scheduled that you can use as a tickler file. What you want to do is keep your calendar actions separate. They way I usually accomplish this is I have my GCal calendars send me a 15 hour advance notice by email to my app. I record the appointments in he calendar. The ticklers arrive internally in the app, and I can easily see the difference.

    One app that has both ticklers AND calendared actions is IQTell. I don't know if I can recommend that app overall, even as relates to ticklers, but it certainly does have the separation you are rightfully asking for. (And it would not surprise me if Omnifocus has it, too.)


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      A few online apps that I am aware of have a start date field (e.g. Toodledo, Appigo Todo) which will cause the task to display on your list when that date arrives. This is like a tickler and not on your calendar.