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Palm Tungsten or Sony Clie

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  • Palm Tungsten or Sony Clie

    In looking through amazon reviews, the Tungsten E apparently has been giving some buyers issues, most notably dying units. Sony Clie's seem to fair better in the reviews.

    Anyone have an opinion on either devices? I'm in a mixed computer environment (mac and pc) though the PC isn't really used all that much (principally due to me being a mac user at heart). I understand the Clie is for PC's only (no mac software), but I'd be willing to work with that "limit" if it'll help out.

    I'm not too thrilled with the paper route. I'm going through LOTS of paper.

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    Clies are no longer intended for production in the States .... so depending on where you buy it, you may have some support issues down the road.



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      Well then. LOL. Didn't know that. Thanks for the heads-up. So if I'm to choose between the tungsten models, anyone have a favorite? (Should I even be considering a Zire model?)


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        Have to agree

        I have to agree that, without no support, getting a CLIE is probably not a good idea. I like mine, but I'll probably replace this one, when it dies, with something that has more support.


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          Other than the additional bells and whistles of the other Tungsten models, will the lowest end (the E) work fine? Never having owned a PDA, I'm not sure if I should go low end or cough up more dough for the higher-end products with features I may/may not need.

          Heck, like the original author of the thread pointed out, the top-end Zire model looks nice feature-wise. Low-rez camera.


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            Started with all the bells

            I started with a CLIE that is packed with stuff. In the end, I only use the ToDo lists, caledar and address book. Frankly, I'd start with the absolute most basic one you can get that feels good in your hand and that you like to look at. As time goes on you'll figure out if you need more.



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              Tungsten E.

              Up to now I had no problems with my Tungsten E (four months). I suggest you to choose it and make regular backups so your data will not be lost in case of failure or other accident.


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                I recommend going with the least expensive one; the Tungsten E. Since you've never owned a PDA before, investing in a top-of-the-line model will probably overkill if you're only implementing GtD with it. Yeah the more expensive models have some features not present in the Tungsten E, but you need to weigh your realistic needs versus wants.


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                  While I agree that you may not "need" a high-end PDA to implement GTD, it may be worth it in the long run if you enjoy working with gadgets. I have been more successful in implementing GTD in my life simply because I enjoy playing with my PDA. Likewise, I am more likely to carry it with me because I can also use it to listen to music, play games, etc.


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                    I ended up getting two Tungsten-E models (one for me, one as a surprise for my wife). Sure I could have bought either of the two other models, but this one will introduce me to PDA's and as I learn to use the tool, I can move to a different model as the years go by.

                    Besides, at the rate upgrades to PDA's are going, we'll have a PDA with a 6 megapixel camera soon enough.


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                      I have stayed away from models which have an itty-bitty cable for synching, like the TE. I want the unconscious convenience of sticking my PDA in the cradle, synching and recharging as needed. Also, without a cradle, I think I would knock it off my desk every so often, which would be bad.



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                        hate new clie

                        I had a t615c that I loved, but decided to upgrade since I had the money at the time. I bought the th55 and it is not as good for doing the GTD. The PIM is not as good as the old one and being able to add catagories -does not happen.

                        Stick with the t-3 = wish I could afford to trade


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                          I'm also studying this PDA business and am seeking input.

                          Presently using a Zire, but planning to buy a Tungsten in the next few weeks. I'm vacillating between the T-3 and the T-C. Both have 64 MB of memory & other features are similar, so unless I'm misssing something the choice seems to revolve around either the stretch display with more lines or the on-board keyboard.

                          I do OK with grafitti on the Zire and can call up the on-screen keyboard easily enough, but when I play with it at Office Depot I gravitate to the hard keyboard on the T-C. Maybe I'm just infatuated with the keyboard because I don't have one now and would find I don't use it that much in practice. Or maybe it's really handy in regular use.

                          All opinions would be welcome.


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                            PDA input methods.

                            For me tiny Tungsten C keyboard is slower than Graffiti. My speed using different input devices is following (from fastest to slowest):
                            1. PC Keyboard.
                            2. Palm Ultra-Slim foldable keyboard.
                            3. Graffiti 1.
                            4. Graffiti 2 (requires 2 strokes for some characters).
                            5. Tiny keyboard (old Casio PDA, Psion 3, Tungsten C).
                            6. T9 cell phone input.
                            7. Awkward 3 key input method on Rex5000 card PDA.
                            Unfortunatelly voice input for Polish language is not offered up to now.


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                              Originally posted by spectecGTD
                              I'm vacillating between the T-3 and the T-C. Both have 64 MB of memory & other features are similar, so unless I'm misssing something the choice seems to revolve around either the stretch display with more lines or the on-board keyboard.
                              SpectecGTD, looking at the specs, I see a few other differences which may or may not be important to you.

                              The T3 does SMS messaging and MMS multimedia messaging.

                              You must use a headset with microphone to do voice memos on the T-C.

                              You also have to buy something extra to play MP3s on it. The website wasn't clear whether it's software or what.

                              The T3 has built-in Bluetooth, the T-C has 802.11b built in Wi-Fi.

                              Just some more things to think about for the future.

                              Elena in Tx.