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OneNote SP1 is now available

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  • OneNote SP1 is now available

    Microsoft has released a number of Office 2003 updates today. The most exciting (well, for me anyway) is the release of OneNote SP1. There are also Service Pack 1 releases for the Office 2003 Suite, Visio 2003, and Project 2003.

    Interestingly, Microsoft is offering two different downloads for each SP1 release - a full installer (big) and a special installer for those who have their original installation CD at hand (much smaller).

    Go to the Office Update web site to determine which updates are available for your system.

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    Power Toys for OneNote SP1 released

    Two Power Toys for OneNote SP1 have been posted.

    IE to OneNote: Use the Send to OneNote from Internet Explorer PowerToy to send the contents of a Web page from Microsoft Internet Explorer to a new page in Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) with the click of a button.

    Outlook to OneNote: Use the Send to OneNote from Outlook PowerToy to send e-mail messages to a Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) page from Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with the click of a button.

    They should also be available here shortly (this page is supposed to be working Real Soon Now):


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      I was able to install the IE to OneNote tool, but had problems with the Outlook to OneNote tool. I downloaded and ran the .exe file with no apparent problems, but when I ran Outlook after that, the Windows installer runs, and asks for a file called "Send to OneNote from Outlook.msi," which I can't find anywhere. Any suggestions?

      Also, it just occurred to me that I'm installing both tools on my laptop (at the moment), and I believe I'm running Outlook 2002 on the laptop -- is Outlook 2003 required for this tool? Maybe that's the problem. Rats.

      Well, I have Outlook 2003 somewhere, so I may have to upgrade . . .

      Randy Stokes


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        Randy, I have the same problem on my laptop. I have Outlook2003 running, .NET 1.1, but I didn't have the .NET Programmability Support installed for Outlook. Once I did that, when I get the error about the .msi file I clicked OK anyway. It errors out again so I cancelled the installation and now I have the toolbar and functionality for sending emails to OneNote. Very nice. They do have to fix the install though.

        Phil R.


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          The installer is problematic

          There have been a number of reports about problems with the OneNote to Outlook installer. I had exactly the same experience on my system. But, after canceling my way out of the installer, the add-in works fine.


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            Well, I tried installing the Outlook to OneNote powertoy on my home desktop computer, with no luck. I'm running Outlook 2003 at home, and have the .NET 1.1 installed. I run the installer, then open Outlook and the installer runs again. It asks for the OneNote from Outlook .msi file, and I cancel out (several times), and still never see the toolbar others have mentioned, or any other indication the installation succeeded.

            Any more suggestions?

            Randy Stokes


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              And the Internet Explorer to OneNote tool isn't working for me either! I click on the button in the toolbar, and get a message box telling me something like "Sorry. Unable to create the page . . . Destination section may be read only or there may be some other reason." I've fiddled a bunch with the limited settings, and nothing changes that result.

              Any help on this?

              Randy Stokes


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                OK, I've got the Internet Explorer powertoy working properly now, but still can't get the Outlook powertoy installed/working.

                Randy Stokes


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                  It's a silly problem... they could fit it in 5 minutes, but here is a work around:

                  Use an archive extractor such as WinZip and extract the .msi file. Then, point the installer there. Should work like a charm.