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Found a great screen protector

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  • Found a great screen protector

    I just wanted to recommend the ClearTouch screen protector from (which I discovered when reading reviews on a different, PDA-specific, forum).

    The screen's are expensive, but REALLY nice and gave me no trouble with bubbles or irregular placement. Compared to the default screen protector that comes with the Tungsten's, this thing is a gem.

    They have ClearTouch screen protectors for different PDA's (manufacturer's and models), so I'm sure they'll work just as well as it did for mine (and my wife's Tungsten).


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    Whatever you use, I say get one. It extends the life of your PDA.

    Less for protection and more for user friendliness: I used to put a small strip of tape on the Graffiti box of my old Palm V. The rougher back gave it more texture and made it feel more like I was writing on paper rather than glass. I can't say it improved my Graffiti accuracy, but it ded feel more comfortable.

    I now have a Treo 600. No Graffiti, so no need


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      Screen protector is a must.

      Many small scratches on the Graffiti area make it really unusable. The recognizer is even not able to reliably distingush between SPACE (stroke right) and BACKSPACE (stroke left). Screen protector is a must if you want to use your PDA longer than one year.


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        A screen protector is definitely a must!

        I bought a screen protector for my Treo 650 cause I felt terrible after scratching my touch screen after just 3 days! (my jeans!) I bought this screen protector from a website called i-Outlets, at first I thought all screen protectors needed to be cut to shape before installation but not this one though. It works wonderfully on my PDA's touch screen and its really anti-glare and clear. I don't know about the one from boxwave but having personally tried this one I'd recommend it! :