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  • Filemaker?

    I am curious if anyone has looked at Filemaker to set up a series of lists for GTD? This seems like a natural. I am only going to use a desktop/laptop and not a PDA -- I am also on a Mac, where the options for PIMs seem less.

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    Hmmm... it's never occured to me, but for me, it would be overkill. I don't do anything else in Filemaker (and little in other databases) so it would be setting up an infrastructure in a new app that I wouldn't use anywhere else. So I manage things in Emacs (my text editor, which I basically live in) and on paper.

    But if you already spend a lot of time in Filemaker, I'd say it makes sense. Especially if playing with Filemaker is more likely to get you to keep stuff in it (the reason I have a cool notebook and neat pen.)


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      As a new mac user i just purchased filemaker and would like to get started with GTD and filemaker. Any suggestions for how to get started would be greatly appreciated.




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        Filemaker / Access

        Greetings from VT where I have had the pleause oe spending the last two days and tomorrow enjoying David present...

        I'm not a Mac person but I am a geek business person and I think that either Access or Filemaker could add value to a GTD list. They are really spreadsheets on steroids at that level and pretty easy to use.

        My view is that anything that will allow Action & Projects to X-Ref is worth it. SO if you have the time, go for it!

        Also, if you know the producst already the startup time to experiment is low and you will know quickly whether it is working for you.

        Good luck,



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          GTD Filemaker

          If you are learning both GTD and Filemaker I would not recommend trying to tie them together. It would be very difficult to avoid the temptation to keep tweaking your database. You will surely make mistakes while setting up Filemaker: every one you notice will erode trust that it will really show you what you need to do when you can do it.


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            (I am the first poster to this thread)

            I am going to work on the database and see how it goes. I am seeing this as three linked files. One file simply is a list of projects. One file is simply a list of people. The third, and major working file, is the list of tasks. This clearly needs to have keys for context, status (e.g. @Next Action) and other (perhaps some customizable stuff).

            My initial work will be to get the structure right -- I am not a GUI person, merely a user with a number of years of using filemaker, and then perhaps I will post the files if others want to tweak and customize.


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              To: Guest
              I am a new GTD reader/user, and am similarly trying to figure out how to incorporate my comfortable technology. I am a FileMaker Pro user for 10 years now, and do all of my database work on it: contact manager, mailing lists, used to do job cost accounting on it. Basically it is the easiest and most flexible software that I've found. So I am about to set up a GTD type database for my lists, and was hoping that someone else is out there doing the same. Have you got started? Maybe we could compare notes. I've been doing my lists on a simple Excel spreadsheet, because I am a paper person. I am used to managing by seeing full sized paper with lots of information. I will try to set up a FM system that prints out the lists well, so that during my daily routine, I can mark up and write on hard copy, and then easily and painlessly update things on my Mac.

              When I have something put together I'll post again, you do the same!


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                I'm a professional FileMaker developer into GTD

                Any of you who are interested in developing something in FileMaker for GTD who want additional feedback or input, let me know. I am very busy (why else would I be doing GTD) but am interested and might be able to add something quickly that would help. You can reach me at janet(at)tokerud(dot)com.


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                  FMP test for GTD

                  Though I'm no expert in FMP It appears to me as the great tool to apply GTD to my world.
                  This my approach.

                  1) I created an INBOX file in which I put everything as a new record
                  2) I also created a PROJECT, DELEGATE (Waiting for), NEXT ACTION, and SOMEDAY Files
                  3) when finnished inputing in INPUT file,I switch to a "classify" layout where appear a list of buttons each linked to a scripts:

                  For exemple my project button is:
                  Project; copy the INPUT field (title of the record I am classifying),open the PROJECT file, create a new record, paste, go back to INPUT, and delette the INPUT record.

                  Same process for the other files

                  Then I work within each file and refine the records as needed: categories, detail, resources, etc

                  So far I find it very useful and look forward to improve it.

                  Can anyone tell me if it is possible to directly open a folder (Mac OS X) from FMP so I can also manage my references from INBOX.[/u]


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                    FMP Template?

                    I'd like to see it, I'm just getting into GTD.



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                      I am new to GTD and this forum and have recently started using Filemaker Pro 6 for database needs. I am working as a school counselor and looking for some good ideas on how to keep track of my contacts with students and their parents and how to tie into GTD system.

                      I know that in reading some past posts there has been some that are using filemaker extensively. If you are out there and can help please do. The school that i am in uses too much paper which is why i am trying to develop my own system for staying up to date with my students.




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                        I just got introduced to this site, and am not versed in GTD. Nonetheless, I'm guessing that it involves some sort of linkages of actions to goals, or something similar. FileMaker, as a very powerful relational database that can be run on personal computers, is a perfect tool for this kind of setup. I'm working on such a database right now. That said, to properly setup a worthwhile relational database takes some non-trivial learning. Anyone wishing to pursue their own GTD database *and* to learn FileMaker, including its relational capabilities, could build something very useful; it will likely take some time though to do it well. Or you might be able to find an existing database that could be used for GTD.

                        The second point is that FileMaker has a mobile app, FileMaker Mobile 7, which I run on my Palm. It is quite useful being able to sync FileMaker Pro (desktop) databases, however it is not relational, and has very little of the power of FileMaker Pro, such as scripts, etc., etc. You can run scripts in FileMaker Pro prior to syncing to a PDA, which is useful, but your mobile databases will always be flat file. It is challenging to merge the capabilities of the desktop app with the mobile app.

                        Good luck and update this forum if you learn anything useful to share!