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Tasks vs calendar events in Entourage 2004

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  • Tasks vs calendar events in Entourage 2004

    Hi there

    I'm getting a little tripped up on implementing GTD in Entourage.

    This app allows me to create tasks AND calendar events. However tasks can also be set to be time specific, that is, allocated a due time/date but they do not show up on the calendar.

    So let's say I simply have to call John tomorrow before midday as he is then out of the office for a week and I need to "discuss planning report" before he goes. Should such an action be a time-specific task OR put on the calendar?

    If it is put on the calendar, does it get assigned a context of "calls-work" or left without a context?

    My understanding of GTD is that anything on the calendar does not have an associated context, unlike tasks (or next-actions). BTW, I use categories in Entourage to assign contexts and categories can be assigned to both tasks and calendar events.

    I hope my issue is clear to readers and any clues would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hard landscape actions force the context.

    In GTD you put hard landscape in the calendar (actions that must be done at strictly determined date and time - for example meetings). So the calendar forces the context you are in during hard landscape events. There is no need to assign any context to this kind of actions since they ARE the context.