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  • Briefcase/Bag/Backpack

    Anyone have any favorites they care to share for a good bag. I have used several and currently use a North Face Recon backpack which I am tioring of ( I put too much stuff into it!). I don't carry a laptop so no need for huge bag-actually prefer less. Thanks

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    See I own the urban plumber's bag in earth tone. It's very well made and looks great.


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      I use a Spire laptop backpack. Mine is 2 years old and the model isn't online any more:



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        I use a Spire laptop backpack. Mine is 2 years old and the model isn't online any more:



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          I carry the eBags Downloader Laptop Backpack

          An acquantenance of mine runs the site. You may find some useful stuff there:

          Good luck!


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            Bags, Briefs, Backpacks

            All -

            I'm currently using Lands' End's "Vertical Briefcase" bag. It's a "three-in-one" bag - which can be carried by a handle, shoulder strap, or used as a backpack.

            It has a built-in padded sleeve for the laptop, a cavernous main cargo compartment, flap pocket, smaller "pouch" pockets with zippers - perfect for holding my CD Walkman, or a small pad/planner, plus enough smaller pockets for pens, ID's, Palm Portable Keyboard, PDA and/or Blackberry, as well as a water bottle holder on the side.

            It holds enough that I can even fit a couple of changes of clothes into it - including workout wear for the gym.

            I believe it goes for around $60 - 70 and can of course be monogrammed.


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              Re: Briefcase/Bag/Backpack

              Originally posted by Guest
              I don't carry a laptop so no need for huge bag-actually prefer less. Thanks
              I just re-read your original post. My first comment was "assuming without really reading" that you wanted to carry a laptop around. I mean everyone wants to do that right?

              So ... when I don't carry my laptop around I use a bag from Eagle Creek (it does actually carry my TabletPC if I needed to) but it doesn't appear to be on the market anymore.

              They do have something new: that might work.



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                Thanks to all- very good ideas . I looked at all and made a choice from the bagreview site- the Dana Designs Suit bag. Will let you know how I like.


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                  Laptop Backpacks

                  Hello all,

                  I am using Laptop Backpacks, as i have carry laptop daily as well some sort of thing like notepad, pen pencil, and some small accessories, you can check here
                  Laptop Backpack


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                    Originally posted by Anonymous View Post
                    Anyone have any favorites they care to share for a good bag.
                    I have a belt pouch I made that I carry my notepad, a couple of pens, my camera, my treo phone, a few business cards and the printed list of all the sheep we own. It's on one side of my belt. The other side I carry my leatherman tool and my epipen. One pocket has keys the other a handkerchief. When I go to town I add a lovely Coach leather purse I found at the thrift store for $5 (score! ) where I have the checkbooks for both businesses and our personal one, my wallet with ID and money, keys for other buildings I need to get in to like the historical society museums, and a small bag with a few cough drops, chapstick, safety pin etc. My purse also has all the coupons I've collected for stuff we might get and more business cards.

                    I wish I could look a bit more fashionable but I need hands free when I carry my stuff and women's clothing is never made with enough pockets. I'm on the look out for a small across body shoulder bag that I can wear in a dark brown or khaki color to see if I can replace my belt pouch but haven't found anything that works. everything is too big or too small. I may just have to make my own.


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                      Leather bags

                      I bought a Saddleback Leather medium sized briefcase in chestnut. I wanted something small enough that I could carry it everywhere, nice enough that I wouldn't have to switch to another briefcase to go into a meeting, and rugged enough that I could walk in the rain, drop it in the mud, and set it on gravel without worrying about it. I purchased a small pouch that clips onto the side that I can take when I just want to carry wallet, keys, phone, plane tickets, and UCT.

                      Saddleback bags are a significant investment but you will NOT regret it. They have lots of sizes and every one of them is as appropriate for a safari as the executive boardroom.

                      In the past I had used one of those Swiss messenger bags, a vertical messenger bag (9x12), a backpack or two, and a large Hartmann briefcase.

                      I love my Saddleback bag and use it exclusively. I can fit all I need to in it without having a bunch of useless space.



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                        Brenthaven Bags

                        I have a collection of 3 different Brenthaven bags and use them all in various contexts. Great product. You can probably find them for sale on mostluggage/briefcase sites. BTW, I don't work for them!