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another ipod user - David Allen

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  • another ipod user - David Allen

    I noticed we have another ipod user among us. Check out this link, and look to the right of the laptop computer:

    I wonder if he uses it just for music or for GTD related things.

    Myself, I find the ipod useful to take my project support files around, using the portable hard drive.

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    David does not presently use the iPod for non-music storag

    Pete, I responded to this interesting topic over on David's personal blog site.

    Check the comments to:



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      I have an RCA Lyra with 40Gb. I use it as a back-up device when traveling and carry an installation CD with me - in worst case scenario if I had to buy a new laptop on the road, I could at least install the Lyra and recover my files and mailbox.

      I am beginning to scan more and more documents and have a goal (over several years) to scan filing cabinet fulls of documents. As I do this, I may use the Lyra (or similar) as a portable archive rather than keep them on the laptop. One issue there however could be security. I am undecided on this yet.



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        I was hearing in a story on the radio this morning that Apple and Duke University have agreed and contracted to issue new IPODs to incoming freshmen at the universiity to explore potential uses of the IPOD other than as a music box.

        That should be enlightening.


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          using ipod as data storage

          thanks for your reply Eric Mack.

          I agree that the USB memory sticks are useful for data transfer if you only have a small amount of data.

          The only reason I like the ipod is that it holds gigabites of info, and it has firewire (or USB2) transfer.

          I write manuscripts and give presentations, so I work with large files, photoshop, powerpoint, word. I have about 30 project support folders with from 100 to 500 mb in each.

          Therefore at the end of the day, if I have 5 gb of folders I want to take home, it takes only about 7 minutes to transfer everything, and I'm out the door. If I was using a regular USB cable, it would take a really really long time.

          Plus most of those USB sticks only store about half a gb or less.


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            yep, freshman dukies are getting iPods. to make sure she was taking full advantage of the braod range of uses, my niece h=was here yesterday putting all my mp3s on Cds tot ransfer to her iPod.