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    I have been keeping everything (literally everything) in my head for so long I am struggling a bit just to define what my open loops are.

    What are some good ways to think of projects (besides multi-step tasks)?

    Maybe some examples would help:

    1.) I realize I need to buy mouthwash. This is hardly a project - do I just put this in the @Errands next actions list and be done with it?

    2.) I want to work on my hobby once a week but not on any particular day. This is for pleasure, so there is no hard project goal - but maybe that is a mistake? How do i record it?

    3.) I want to remember to take my vitamins every morning? Where do I put this?

    4.) I have a lot of scattered random thoughts (here is where I can really see the benefit of GTD). Should I just collect them without worrying abou where they go and then do the thinking part of putting them into projects or NA's during the weekly review?

    Sorry this is such a disjoint post (that alone should tell you how confused my process is so far )

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    here's what I think of your examples

    1. yes.

    2. i would try having a reminder each day, and see how it works for me. if i observe that it doesn't work - i would try to list in calender a meeting with self to "work" on that hobby.

    3. I put vitamins as an all day event and make a reminder (I also use my cell phone for reminders during weekends).

    4. collect all of them. process later. when to process? not during the weekly review. the weekly review is for reviewing, not processing. I process at least once a day. Until you get to this habit, you might find it useful to place a recurring all day event, or task, plus reminder.


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      ohhhh ... daily process - I get it.

      What other daily routines are part of your GTD process?


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        you might find this thread helpful


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          Put your vitamin bottle on top of your wallet or in your right shoe or something like that. Not everything has to be within David's system for it to get done.