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Annoying Outlook Task Problem

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  • Annoying Outlook Task Problem

    I am using Outlook 2003 SP1 and there appears to be an interesting bug in Tasks that is not present in Calendar or Contact items.

    In the note section of a task item, you can Insert an Object like an Excel Spreadsheet or maybe a Project file ("That would be cool for tracking next actions.") ... but as soon as you are done editing the object (click away) you can no longer go back in and edit the information. Even if you close the item and come back in.

    If you do the same thing in a Calendar or Contact you can re-edit the Object after closing/saving but an warning on "active content dangers" does come up (that is OK, I can live with that).

    Do others see the same behavior? Anyone got an inside track (blogger?) into the Outlook team at Microsoft for some resolution?