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  • Treo 610

    Anybody here anymore about when the TREO 610 will be out? I'm itching for a PDA/Cell combo, not sure if I can wait much longer!

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    If there is such a thing, will be the first to break the news


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      a sneak peak pic


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        Hi Folks,

        Recently I gave up the wait and got a Treo 600. I like it very much as I was finding the separate cell phone and PDA route was so clunky I was tending to leave my PDA on my desk when I really needed it with me.

        The Treo 600 is an able device and while I'd like a higher definition screen and bluetooth, the absence of these features do not decrease functionality that much. Plus the little thing rides easily on my hip in its horizontal holter.

        I'd though about waiting for the "610" or the "Ace" but didn't because I decided these are probably just rumors. Verizon was slow to bring out the Treo 600, supposedly, because they were going to bring out the "610" instead. But that didn't happen and when they did support a Treo it was the 600.

        From the rumors floating around the "610" is supposed to be smaller, with a higher definition screen, a replacable battery and bluetooth. That would be great but given that radical a departure from the current model would they really label it a "610?" I think such a complete redesign would be a "Treo 650" or a "Treo 700."

        I've looked at the "leaked" photos on the rumor page and they look like Photoshop modifications of a Tero 600 to me.

        Finally, I suspect the "610" already exists and is for sale--it's the Treo 600 without the camera. A number of corporations do not allow employees to use a camera equipped PDA or phone on site.

        All this is just the result of my crystal ball, and I suppose I could be kicking myself in a few months if a better gadget is released as per rumor. But I'm more productive today that I was before I got the Treo 600 and that's what really counts.

        Scot Giles


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          Scoop! Engadget has the first real shots of the Treo 650

          Check it out. It's called the Treo 650 and it looks very sweet.


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            Sure does!! Makes my heart beat skippety skip which is a bit sad really!!
            My daughter is hanging out for me to get a new phone so she can have my old siemens but I won't do so until I can locate this new treo. A lot of people seem to be very excited.



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              Maybe. On the other hand this could just be a prototype. There are other pictures of other rumored "Treo" phones around. For example: for a supposed Treo 800.

              But in any case, even if this is for real, who knows when it will show up on the different carriers? Verizon just started supporting the Treo 600 a few months ago.

              In any case, I like my 600 and it's helping me be more productive. That's what's important.



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                how well does the voice recorder on the Treo work?

                My understanding is that the Treo has a voice recorder built into it. My last cell phone (which met its demise a couple weeks ago when it chose the wrong time to irritate me) had a voice recording feature that I remember using only once or twice. You had to toggle through a bunch of menus to find it, down there somewhere amongst the worthless games that were built into it.

                In contrast, I have a very nice little Sony digital recorder that works great. Press one button on the unit to record a message. Use a rocker button to scroll up and down through messages (displayed on the screen) and then press it to play a particular message. Press another button to erase a message. Simple, one-handed operation. Problem is, it's yet another gadget to carry around and consequently is usually left behind when I could use it.

                A Treo, that incorporates a cell phone, Palm and usable voice recording device sounds perfect since it would probably always be close at hand. But just how usable is the recorder? Is it more akin to my Sony recorder? or to the cell phone I smashed?

                Beyond that, the only thing I can think of adding to the Treo would be GPS. Is that a possibility?


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                  Voice Recording

                  Voice recording on the Treo works great and is a free software download. Here is the link.


                  The recording level is good for voice, not for music. I get about 3.5 hrs at good voice quality (11.025 khz) on a 256 mb memory card. They are time stamped and easy to transfer to my desktop machine.

                  It can also be set up for a one button record by holding down the "phone" button for 3 seconds, and that is AWESOME for idea captures at random times.