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  • IPAQ

    During my very recent vacation our agency switched from Palm to IPAQ h2200 series. I am not the best tech guy and our automation (IT) department is critically short of help and expertise, especially when it comes to using the IPAQ to the fullest for GTD. I was able to print all my lists (obviuosly extensive) prior to losing the palm, apparently decent software for electronic transfer was not available.

    Looking for input on best system in IPAQ for GTD action lists, project lists etc. I have searched the system and some information exists regarding IPAQ, but my technical literacy is not where it should be, in other words need to be spoon fed a bit on the tech side of using software or products to encorporate GTD. Interested in hearing from anyone regarding this topic. I am back in papermode and may need medication if I do not get this IPAQ in stride with my GTD process.

    Many thanks to anyone taking the time and interest helping my through the obstacle.

    Wade Warren

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    I'm not currently using a PPC device but this is a very good application for implementing GTD .

    Pocket Informant


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      re: Iqap


      I agree with Paul. I own an IPAQ and have been using Pocket Informant. It works quite well. It syncs nicely with Outlook and is easy to customize into the GTD format.

      The past day or two I've had the need to work with some tech support from the Pocket Informant guys and have had nothing but a good experience with them so far.



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        I use PI and it's the best I've ever seen or tried. I would be lost without its feature-rich applications.


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          Another software to consider is Agenda Fusion. I have been a satisfied user for several years.

          Agenda Fusion:

          I especially appreciate being able to assign icons to a category. I can than see more info in a calendar slot than if I used the full wording in the month view.



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            in the same vein..

            Very similar to Pocket Informant is Agenda Fusion ( I can't say it is superior to PI (both AF and PI have almost identical functionality) but I personally think Agenda Fusion more refined than PI. I've said it before, but I find the Tasks view in PI frustrating with its short lag in opening collapsed items.

            Also, while the latest PI release does have a leg up on AF in some functions, most of those newest additions won't sync to Outlook.

            A huge plus to the PI team is the message board and support.

            Try both and make your choice.


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              I also use Pocketinformant for my GTD since a long time.

              For me it fits perfektly, in addition the is PIToday

    ;t=3690#11165 for the Todayscreen.

              Very soon there will be Version 2.0 with many great additions for the GTD part.

              I Love this combination.


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                What is PIToday
                PIToday perfectly complements WebIS's Pocket Informant, one of the world's leading personal information managers.
                It provides your Pocket PC with a fully interactive Today plug-in, gathering essential information (appointments and tasks) for display on your PDA's Today Screen.
                It cooperates closely with Pocket Informant by giving total control over appointments and management of tasks.

                PIToday has been designed to be highly customizable in order to meet everybody's needs.
                PIToday has also been extensively tested by demanding users and engineered in close cooperation with the author of Pocket Informant to offer the reliability deserved by people on the go.

                What's New
                • Work with Pocket Informant or Pocket Outlook
                • Active Timebar for a graphical overview of the day and create new appointments
                • Display "Pseudo" appointments for free time
                • "Timed" task sorted between appointments based on alarm time
                • Date Picker to jump and display any date
                • Automatic filter switch based on work hours
                • New contextual Menus for cut/copy/paste/move date/change status
                • Apply PI-templates from the today screen
                • VGA SE Compatible (High Resolution and Landscape support)
                • First Plugin offering "Floating Appointments" on PocketPC
                • Fully skinable – change your PIToday skin and use your own
                • New options screen – compatible look with Pocket Informant
                • Direct access to WebIS Mail from your Mobile Today screen
                • Create appointments and tasks from displayed dateline
                • Fold and unfold displayed days or PIToday on your Mobile Today screen
                • Full control over your Mobile Today screen and PIToday by using your D-pad
                • Full functional scrollbar
                • New Engine that makes PIToday work faster
                • Multi language support (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch)
                • Many new options added



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                  Pocket Informant

                  Will Pocket Informant work with Palm Platforms? I'm trialing the TREO 600. I have Pocket Informant for my IPAQ 4150, but I'm moving up to a smartphone.


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                    Sorry - It's a Windows Mobile for PPC program and not useable with Palm OS.