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Use of @ for @Next, etc. in Palm shortcuts

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  • Use of @ for @Next, etc. in Palm shortcuts

    In getting up to speed on GTD using a Palm IIIxe, I notice that I can’t make shortcuts that will print @Read, @Next, etc. but only Read, Next. Does anyone have a suggestion for a way of getting the @ to print, or of substituting a character, or do people find that Read or Next will do as well as @Read, @Next when searching on a Palm?

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    @ works in Palm shortcuts

    I use the @ all the time in shortcuts. I'm not sure why you are having problems. If for some reason the graffitti stroke won't work, can you put it in using the pop-up keyboard? I used to have a IIIxe and it worked fine on mine.


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      My solution to the @ problem

      The solution for me seems to be adding a space in front of the @ when setting up the Shortcut. Thanks.