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wonderful indexing software copernic desktop search

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  • wonderful indexing software copernic desktop search

    Just came across this wonderful indexing tool that maps everything on your 'puter. You know how much of a resource hog windows search is - this takes the pain out of finding files, docs, pics email etc. And it's free.

    got rid of loads of hidden rubbish

    take a look

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    copernic vs blinkx

    Most wonderful! Are you working in the copernic sales dep? I don't think the rave about copernic is justified. it's just another desktop search engine and not even particularly great at that. the really outstanding candidate for me at the moment is blinkx as it's the only one that is really smart (conceptual search, linking and all) and free. have you tried it (that is, if you're not working in marketing at copernic...)?


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      Actually, it's rather good

      Rather than doing precisely what you castigate the original poster for doing (do you work in the PR department for Blinkx?), it might be appropriate for you to actually give CDS a try before shooting it down. It's pretty apparent you have not.

      It's actually quite a well done program, built by a company with an excellent pedigree in search and a very good reputation for standing behind their product.

      No one tool is appropriate for everyone. If CDS proved helpful to this poster, it is a good tool for him/her to use. If you like Blinkx, great. If you want to provide some informative content as to why you think it's worthy of others' consideration, terrific. That adds value to the conversation.

      Snarky, offhand, unsubstantiated comments do not.


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        Thanks for the backup Mr Mochant.

        And no I don't work for copernic thanks Mr Billy Bob. I was simply trying to give my opinion on something I have found very usefull.

        People don't do that on these forums nor do they attack posters for giving opinions - You may have noticed the name of the Forum Index GEAR< GADGETS, SOFTWARE AND TOYS.

        I think that says it all


        p.s I apologise for not logging in properly in my first post, this may have warranted the waving of fingers


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          Sorry guys, didn't mean to be snide or offend anyone. Found myself pretty funny there and no, I don't work in pr and never intend to. Just wanted to let you know that copernic isn't the only good, free search engine out there.
          Sorry- won't do it again. ever.



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            wow, Copernic is really amazing. I LOVE the preview pane. I can't believe how fast the preview is (I've used others in the past, like enfish and the like and they were pretty slow).


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              however, i should add that I'm not sure how useful this would be for me. I have a pretty good filing system, so searching isn't something that I do often (if at all). Anyway, it's still a neat program.

              I guess I'm afraid that if I rely on "searching" then it's going to make me more lax in filing


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                Split the difference

                Originally posted by remyc88
                however, i should add that I'm not sure how useful this would be for me. I have a pretty good filing system, so searching isn't something that I do often (if at all). Anyway, it's still a neat program.

                I guess I'm afraid that if I rely on "searching" then it's going to make me more lax in filing
                Don't look at it in black-and-white terms like that. Instead think about how you can simplify your filing system because you can use search.

                I'm moving to a flatter hierarchy in my filing system because I know I can find any individual item in each of my top level folders. At one time, I had a five folder deep hierarchy. I'm now at three levels deep and hope to get it to two.

                I don't find I'm any less rigorous about filing (got to get "In to empty"). I'm just a lot more efficient at finding.


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                  Compared to Lookout?

                  Would be interested in comparisons of these search utilities (Copernic, Blinx, etc) with what I'm currently using - Lookout.

                  Any thoughts


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                    "Wilbur" - freeware indexing/search software

                    I use a freeware product called "Wilbur" available at:


                    Unlike the Copernic freeware version, Wilbur will index all file types in any location. (Copernic, for example, seems to be limited in the types of email apps it will index. I haven't been able to have it index my Thunderbird or Groupwise emails). I use it at my office to keep indexes of all client files on both my laptop and main server. It is very customizable, as you can include/exclude local and networked drives, limit the indexing by word character lengths, file types, etc...

                    Like Copernic and other search engines, it takes a while to build the initial index, but searching is incredibly fast once built and updating the index is also fast.

                    BTW, I first learned of Wilbur when attending a seminar on using "TimeMatters" calendaring/case management software. TimeMatters is widely used in law and accounting firms nationwide and it would be interesting if anyone has adapted GTD for use in TimeMatters.

                    I have no interest in any of the above companies except being a satisfied user of both products.


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                      Copernic for Web searches

                      Copernic is awesome for web searches. I've used the paid version for several years. It is an offline meta-search tool that is very powerful, and will perform searches automatically on a pre-determined schedule and e-mail the reports to you. That's right: I leave it running on my home desktop and see weekly search updates (reflecting additions only) in my inbox while on the road. My search strategy: first Google, next Copernic.

                      For local system searching, Enfish seems to find more hits than anything else I've tried.



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                        I used LookOut at my former office and LOVED it. It was extremely fast and effective. However, as far as I know, LookOut only integrates with Outlook, so I am in search of another desktop search tool for home. I am just starting to test Copernic. So far it is very fast, but I am still fiddling around with it to designate what I want it to search. As someone else posted, I also use Thunderbird for e-mail and would like a tool that will search my e-mail.


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                          Enfish will search e-mail + all files

                          Can't beat Lookout's price (free).
                          My friend did an informal comparison of Lookout and Enfish, and found that Enfish found e-mail that Lookout couldn't find. (I don't know the details.)
                          Enfish nicely integrates the search so that information anywhere on the system will be found. (Inside virtually all file types.) You can also save search queries for frequently used searches.
                          I use the "pro" version. Trial available at



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                            The one problem that I have is that the searching software typically needs about 10% size of the files that are being indexed.

                            For some reason that bugs me so much that I have tried just to use better folder and filing names.


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                              preview window in copernic

                              i just started using copernic. it is nice and fast. but one thing is annowing me.

                              the preview window highlights the searched text in the whole document. but is it possible to go to the next text in the same document without having to scroll down to the entire document?