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43 Folders - New blog for 'life hacks'

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  • 43 Folders - New blog for 'life hacks'

    Merlin has created a new blog for documenting his 'life hacks', including quite a bit of GTD related stuff...

    The name even comes from the tickler file - DA's standard implementation uses 43 folders. Includes his innovative design for the 'Hipster PDA', along with lots of other tips and tricks.

    If I can add one of my own (and plug my own blog again - I know, I'm shameless), it's a lot easier to keep track of this sort of site using RSS Feeds (can even include these forums - see that 'RSS Feed' link at the top?), and I wrote an article explaining how recently...

    I use Bloglines...
    ...which does it all pretty nicely without needing any software, and works just as well from any computer.

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    Thanks, pigpogm. I hope folks find some useful stuff on the site.

    I'll be rolling out a few of my more nerd-friendly hacks to the basic GTD setup in the coming days and weeks.

    That'll include living in txt files, pulling rss for everything you can, and getting by within a pretty standard (read as: "modestly priced" and often open source) OSX setup. That will be a big focus since, to my knowledge, there aren't many GTD sites that cater to a Mac crowd.

    See you around.


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      Hipster PDA.

      The Hipster PDA is a real PDA revolution . Where can I find the Hipster PDA User Manual, Getting Started Guide and Troubleshooting Manual? Are there any specific hints concerning GTD implementation using Hipster PDA?


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        Fantastic ... I've upgraded and haven't had to reboot yet!