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New to GTD - what software

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  • New to GTD - what software

    I'm just starting on the GTD.

    I'm already an Outlook user, but DA suggested Palm Desktop was better.

    What do people suggest?

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    Re Palm Desktop vs. Outlook

    I think the Palm Desktop interface is simpler and easier to get started with. Outlook has a lot more opportunities for customization, multiple windows are possible, shortcut keys. The basic GTD functionality is about the same if you are just starting out. If you are comfortable with Outlook, and it syncs with your palm (you're using a palm, right?), I would stay with it. If you don't like Outlook, try the Palm Desktop. Either way, read DA's words in Tips and Tools about using the Palm, and go from there. The Outlook white paper is very good if you want additional information on setting up and using Outlook.



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      Actually (correct me if i'm wrong) DA said the Palm OS (meaning the PDA) was better. But he didn't say anything about the Desktop software. In fact, I think DA actually uses Outlook and syncs to Palm.


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        For pure simplicity and ease of use, Palm Desktop wins.

        However, if you do e-mail and integrate it into your GTD system, Outlook is a necessary evil.


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          Thanks folks for this input. All I need really as it confirms what I'm seeing. DA showed me his set up of Palm Desktop so I guess that's what he uses regularly.

          I'm going to start with that and see how it goes. I just don't know how to export the TDA files back into Outlook if I ever need to convert the 100s of lines of detail I'm creating...?


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            Moving from Palm Desktop to Outlook

            There are several ways to do move your data from Palm Desktop to Outlook if you need/want to. Ask here when/if.



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              Will do thanx Mike