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    Probably looking at upgrading my Palm & my wife's some time in the next few months. We've both got M-series models and will probably go with Zire 31s or Tungsten Es (unless we move to Dell Axims instead of Palm). Half or more of the reviews on the 31 or the T/E at Amazon report severe problems with these units. Has anyone here been using either of these more (the T/E in particular) more than a few months? I don't recall a thread here roasting these models, and since DA and some (all?) of the coaches posting seem to be using Palms, I'd think there would have been some warnings posted. Are a bunch of the Amazon reviewers screwing up their Palms and blaming the product, or are there real problems with recent models?

    Thanks, and bests to all.


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    I've been using Tungsten E for 4 months without any problems. Even never had to reset it. Highly recommended.


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      I got my Tungsten E last Christmas. I use plain vanilla apps, and have never had a problem. I had a M100 before and really enjoyed the upgrade. I also have never had to reset it.


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        When i got my first TE it was defective when i got it. I assume the battery was broken because it couldnt be loaded.
        My second unit works since about a year without any problem.
        At the moment my main software-equipment is notestudio and Datebk3.



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          I've been using my Tungsten T for a year and a half. I've had to reset it a couple of times, but no real problems with the device.

          I could vent for several paragraphs (I probably have) about the OS. The Tungsten t was a top of the line technology cul-de-sac. It came with the brand new OS 5. The Palm Address Book can only handle 1 address per contact, with my previous Palm III, the included Chapura software seamlessly handled syncing additional addresses to Outlook. With the Tungsten T, I had to spend an additional $50 to upgrade to KeySuites. OS 5.2 was released a couple of months later. OS 5.2 supports multiple addresses and includes Palm's own Outlook conduits software, but it's not backward compatible to The Tungsten T.

          As long as you've got a device that comes with OS 5.2 you should be fine, although OS 6 is on the Horizon.


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            Tungsten T

            Tungsten T was a failure because its Palm OS couldn't be upgraded. I've got one but as soon as Tungsten E appeared on the market I switched to it.


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              I'd go with the E

              I've been looking at Palms this week myself, and I was comparing the Zire 31 and the E also. If those are your choices, I would go with the Tungsten E. The display blows the Zire 31 out of the water. The Zire 72 also has the hi-res display, but it will cost you. As an aside, I wouldn't buy an Axiom - my boss has one and is constantly having trouble with it. Good luck!


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                Other than lists...?

                The high def display is nice, but keep in mind what your goal is for using a Palm. I owned a Palm 3 for 5 years before I got my Tungsten T, and I've experimented with a lot of add on software. In the end, I use the basic apps (replaced with KeySuite due to the T's OS limitations); a photo album full of my kids; Documents to go, to sync a few docs between home and work. After 7 years of experimentation, those are all the applications that remain.

                There is a good paragraph in DA's blog about implementing GTD, which is particularly relevant to handhelds.

                I personally don't find working on a tiny handheld screen very easy. I rely on it as a reference tool, but I never edit documents or keep databases on it. For me, it’s not a workspace. I could get by with a much lower end Palm. Determine your need, then choose your handheld.