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    Hi -

    I, like many, continue to struggle with some aspects of GTD. I love what it has done so far but need to continue working towards my "black belt".

    I would like some opinions on the following -- I currently use a Brother P1750 labeler but get "stuck" on making labels. It is an extra effort to pull it out, make the label, pull the back, etc.

    I am thinking about switching to a DYMO Labelwriter. It uses roll labels and looks like it would be much faster to use. You type the label directly from the computer and it prints it out.

    Has anyone used one of these? Thoughts in general???


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    I use a DYMO LabelWriter Turbo 330 and highly recommend it. I personally use it with the 1 1/8" x 3 1/2" address labels and 1/3 cut file folders.

    You can use the DYMO label software that comes with the printer or you can download the free Avery DesignPro software. I use both.

    The DYMO software can be set up to work with several popular contact management software packages. This allows for the printing of individual address labels directly from your contact management package.

    The Avery DesignPro I use because I like to keep all my labels in databases. My business requires that I keep extensive archival and reference files for each project we are involved with, and keeping labels in a database makes it simple to create new labels, since the other labels in the DB provide the context.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


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      Jeff I also use a Dymo LabelWriter the 310 model and I love it great time saver and you can switch between address and filefolder labels in minutes.




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        I used to switch. Now I find that regular Address labels work perfectly as file folder labels (with 1/3 cut file folders). Depending on one's filing method, Address labels allow more space to better categorize a folder.