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Palm Zire 72

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  • Palm Zire 72

    I am thinking of upgrading my much loved Handspring Visor Edge for one of the new Palm Zire 72's. If you have one already, I'd love to know what you think of it.


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    Maybe Tungsten E?

    If you don't need camera - maybe Tungsten E would be better?


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      I think it O.K. I'm using it right now. I've upgrade from T|E to Zire 72 a few week ago. Here are are some to the point to consider:
      1. Battery Life: T|E is better thatn Zire 72 (72[~300 MHz] is more powerful than T|E [~100 MHz]). For normay usage, it can last for 1 days.
      2. Camera is O.K. Not really good but enough for my need.
      3. voice memo is good but if you wanna record on card try it first. In my experience, record it on Apacer 128 MB has some data loss, while record on Sandisk 64 MB is ok. (For data loss checking: press record and count 1 to 10, and play back to see if you can hear it all.)
      4. Color Peel. I don't know about other, but mine has a color peel only after a few weeks of CAREFULLY use. I keep it in the Hardcase. What is worst is that if you peel all the color off, you void the warranty.

      - For the features and price, it is very good.
      - For the product QUALITY, it's suck (Palm suck!!!). You can expect to have sth wrong with your machine.

      This is based on "my Experience" of using both T|E and Zire 72.