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Tungsten E sync question

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  • Tungsten E sync question

    Hi guys,

    I just got a Palm Tungsten E and am keen to start using it for my GTD lists, which currently live as plain text files on my laptop.

    During the day I'll mostly be editing my GTD lists on my laptop, which I use for work. When I go home at night or go out for lunch, I'd like to be using my Palm for managing my lists.

    So the laptop and the Palm need to be kept in sync. What is the best way to do this? Is it with the bundled application "Docs To Go"?

    Any advise from those using a similar setup would be much appreciated.


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    I'd also be interested in responses to this also, and whether rangi500 could post up thoughts and views on *why* he purchased the Tungsten E?

    I'm just getting into GTD, and am sizing up my first palmtop. I use an Apple Powerbook, and am used to the pleasure of syncing to T610 phone via bluetooth. I'm wondering whether I could 'live with' the Tungsten E and put up with plugging it in to sync (like I do with my iPod I guess), or whether I'd be happier shelling out extra for a one of the bluetooth capable models that I can sync with ease?

    If I decide to go for a plain hard-wired palm - purely for gtd implementation, then is there really any need to get a Tungsten E, or will one of the more basic models offer sufficient functionality?

    The extra £100 or so for a (rapidy dating) bluetooth equipped T3 seems like a bit of a stretch? Is it due replacement in the immediate future?

    As always, thoughts and opinions appreciated.


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      You must enable Bluetooth each time you want to sync the device. Isn't it easier just to connect the cable or put the PDA in the craddle?
      There are two main drawbacks of having Bluetooth enabled permanently:
      -- shortened battery life;
      -- security - it is possible to read the contents of the device with Bluetooth enabled.


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        M1thag0, this new Tungsten E is my first PDA, and I've bought is specifically for doing GTA. Probably could have got away with a cheaper one (this was £140) but I had heard some good things about it and when I picked it up in the shop and saw how light it I was really drawn to it. The screen is really nice with bright colours - would be a bit painful to have to use a monochrome screen now. It's shame there's no Bluetooth or Wi-fi but the cable sync seems really fast and not too much of a hassle.

        To be honest I've tired to avoid PDAs in the past as a clumsy guy like me doesn't mix very well with small, expensive, fragile things, but I found I just can't use my laptop properly for gta as it's too inconvenient - need to be able to access my GTA lists in the gym, restaurants, on my bike, etc - can't do any of that with a laptop. Paper makes things like backups and syncing difficult. So finally I've got a PDA and first impressions are that it will be very useful.


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          Interesting, thanks for the replies.

          I too have been clumsy in the past, dropping two Psions and recently dropping a mobile phone in the washing up bowl.

          The Tungsten E sounds like the best choice for me )


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            I bought the Tungsten E Recently

            It works great. Docs to Go syncs perfectly. I carry around all my course syllabi and find myself updating my tasks in the elementary school pick-up line.

            What can't be overstated about the Tungsten is the sound design. It clicks so beautifully... better than poking bubble wrap.



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              I just wanted to add my 2 €-Cent pro Tungsten E.

              TesTeq has written some good points versus Bluetooth.

              The main advantage of a cable driven system is the double effect of loading and syncing. Currently i use a TE:
              -in the morning i arrive in the office and immediatly pull the TE out of the pocket and connect the cable;
              -later when outlook has connected to the server i sync;
              -when i leave the office i take the TE with me.
              (Of Course this repeats sometimes a day)

              So far nothing nothing exciting - just ... in the meantime the TE is loaded!

              I never heard a PDA is loaded via Bluetooth