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Palm T3 Reviews?

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  • Palm T3 Reviews?

    My Palm hunt continues, and now I am considering a T3. They have some really snazzy features. Does anyone have any advice to give on these? I'm wondering if that sliding screen breaks easily, and if the bigger display is worth the bucks... Thanks!

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    I think you should define why do you want to buy PDA. For me T3 offers nothing more than increased weight and dimensions, and easy to break sliding screen design. And I do not say that T3 isn't good. Simply I do not need this added functionality and bigger screen. My choice is Tungsten E.


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      I have a T3

      I got a T3 almost a year ago. The digitizer went wrong, and it had to be sent away for a replacment. They lost it. After two months of chasing, Palm replaced it with a brand new one to make up for the problems.

      Now that one has exactly the same problem - the bottom left corner of the digitiser won't line up with the pointer.

      I'll probably replace it, and get it repaired whilst using the replacement.

      After all the problems, I'm now looking at Windows Mobile machines. I *like* PalmOS, but the only people making hardware I like is palmOne, and they just don't seem to put them together well.

      And those VGA screens are looking *really* tempting


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        I have used the T3 for a year now and have never looked back I upgraded from a Palm V and love the larger screen and the slider I find it very effective for my use, on a plane my laptop stays under my seat and I read review docs and emails on my Palm.

        When it comes to GTD implementation using the Tungsten E is fine, but if you need more user features like bluetooth (which I use extensively with my phone, and GPS). The extra memory is also nice if you like to keep some extra apps on there like GPS Maps.

        I bought a metal case for my Palm which keeps it protected, to date with extensive use I am yet to have any problems. Only downside is battery life.




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          I've been using a Tungsten T for over a year, and I find the expending screen to be a nuisance. I strongly agree with TesTeq, decide why you need a Palm - and choose based on your needs.


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            "open box"

            Has anyone ever bought an open box Palm from the PalmOne outlet? Are these the models that people have had trouble with and returned?


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              Open box Palm

              I just bought a Zire 71 that way. Thought at first I was having major problems with it. Found that something I pulled over from my M130 was making it crash. After I reinstalled each app, one at a time, it was fine and has been fine since then. If it's a blemished model, I can't find it. I would definitely buy this way again.


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                I agree that you need to define your needs and then get the PDA that meets them. For me, ease of use, reasonable expandability in terms of lots of RAM and use of cards to store information, and a great screen were the primary considerations.

                I got the T3 almost a year ago. (I upgraded from an old Palm IIIXE). My wife got hers about the same time. Neither of us has ever had a problem at all, with any aspect of the machine. I've read all the horror stories, but for both of us the T3 has been a joy to use. I use mine a lot, every day.

                I have used a variety of software to implement GTD, but generally have found that with the built-in software with the addition of Datebk5 and Shadowplan nothing else is needed. While we have Outlook at my office, I can't stand it, so I use it as little as possible. I use the T3 as my primary computer for scheduling and tracking work, and it works very well. I also have large reference files using ISilo and Documents to Go, and listen to MP3s on occasion.

                I have found the T3 to be robust, well-built, and an excellent handheld for my needs. The only use for blue tooth that we have found is for sending each other notes during boring meetings-not what I would call a critical application.

                Hope this helps...


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                  Thank you all for your input. I have been using my Handspring Visor Edge for about three years now, and it has served me well but needs to be upgraded. I'm very interested in the T3's big, easy to read screen, Bluetooth capabilities, and expandability. The speed also blows me away! Looks like I'll be taking the plunge.



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                    After my Palm IIIxe abruptly died a month ago, I replaced it with a T3. I love it. I'm a bit of a power user, and I've used digital organizers since they first came out (my first one had a whopping 64Kb of memory). My favourite things about the T3 are:
                    - the large screen, which means I can see more of my outlines and next actions, without scrolling
                    - no gizmos (camera, wi-fi, built-in MP3); I just want an organizer. The voice recorder was a bonus that I find handy when I get an idea I want to capture while I'm driving in the car.

                    The T5 is coming out, and although it is convenient to not have to use the slider to see a larger screen, the T5 is also a bit bigger. I carry my T3 on my belt (Sena makes the best case, in my opinion, because it is thin, flips open easily, and sits in the cradle with the case on). So for me, the T3 is better.

                    I use the write-anywhere feature exclusively (i.e. not the "silk-screen" input area), so I still have a regular sized screen when I don't open the slider).

                    LifeBalance is my main GTD app, but I also keep some stuff in ShadowPlan.