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combination of wikiweb,, + calendar

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  • combination of wikiweb,, + calendar

    I have a strange feeling that this exists somewhere (or at least something close to it)

    -- web-based (or editable via the web)
    -- uses tags and metasearches for organization (e.g. for next actions, etc)
    -- api and lots of ways (email, web form, etc) for dumping new items into the inbox
    -- uses wikiwords or something similar to provide links to other items
    -- incorporates calendaring (even via tags, such as 20040919.1830)
    -- has some nice way of importing structured data (so I can migrate my contact list)

    i've been hacking phpwiki, but somehow I feel like an outliner with smaller, more flexible nodes would serve me better.

    before that I used outlook, but my work requires me to be able to access stuff over the web and VNC was just getting too slow, and outlook was getting bloated with so many add-ins to keep in functional (lookout, spambayes, gtd, autoread).

    Looking to refactor here, with an emphasis on flexibility and speed.

    Any ideas? Mucho thanks from this GTDer!

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    Working on it...

    Hi Josh,

    I'm working on something that's likely very similar to what you want. I myself have been working on implementing GTD with a variety of technologies and tools, starting with and including basic physical tools (folders, paper, and trays, etc.) and integrating software tools I use every day into the same process. For me, that's a number of web applications, web services, and client software products. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in chatting more about it; I'm hoping to have some documentation and some things people can use and play with up on the Web and publicly available in about a week or so.


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      I'm also using phpwiki, and some other tools for doing GTD.

      Can you explain more about what you're doing?


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        dnm- please do let me know what you're working on!

        gammsync: I basically have one master TODO list in my wiki, with each item tagged with a next action. Then I have some meta-search pages that pull all the items with a particular tag (e.g. @Calls) together. I also use calendarplugin and calendarlistplugin for calendar, still tagging dated appointments/etc with the appropriate action.

        What I was planning on doing is writing two plugins- one that lets me jump straight from the meta-search pages to edit individual items that appear there, and one that lets me use date tags (as described above) with the calendar plugins so that if I tag an item on my master todo, the items will be added to the appropriate date node.

        The other thing i was thinking of is a email-to-wiki gateway that lets me add or append to pages via email. Useful for braindumping from the road.



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          argh. forgot to login.