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Outliner vs Wiki

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  • Outliner vs Wiki

    I'm just getting into GTD, and I know I need some software for my implementation.

    I'd like to hear other people's opinions as to whether an outliner (e.g., Shadow Plan) or a wiki of some sort (e.g., Note Studio, Instiki) is better suited for the task.

    As I see it, a wiki lets you define your own structure, with the ability to link aything to anything, while an outliner gives you less choice structure-wise, which might, in practice, be simpler and quicker to use.

    Also, if a wiki is on a server, you can access it from anywhere, without having to sync anything. (I work on two PCs, one at the office and one at home, and I don't have a PDA.)

    What do you use, and why?



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    Re: Outliner vs Wiki

    Originally posted by sagipolley
    What do you use, and why?
    Hi Martin,
    i am using Notestudio with a customized version of Volkers example GTD Templates.
    I use it because i have all the flexibility i need and it is very easy to handle. The staff of dogmelon is quite responsive to the wishes of there users. So we got the functions which the GTD-Users like.
    Before i tried Bonsai but i never liked it. Here i had to adapt my style of work to Bonsai.



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      I started using Note Studio, but as I work on two machines, one at home and one at the office, I would have had to import all books when starting work at the office after working at home, then export them at the end of the day before working at home the next day (and the same at home).

      So in the end I decided to go with Instiki.

      It is very easy to install, it looks nice, I can access it from anywhere, and you can enable password protection.