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OT: Anyone know how to attach wav or other sound files

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  • OT: Anyone know how to attach wav or other sound files

    I have an Olympus DS220 digital voice recorder, which comes with software that allows you to import your recordings to your PC. The recordings are in a proprietary format, but the accompanying software allows you easily to convert those recordings into wav files.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to attach wav (or other sound) files to ToDo's, memos, calendar, etc. I currently use Agendus on my Palm and on the Desktop for ToDo's, calendar, memos, etc. However, if there is other similar software that allows for attachment of sound files, or if there is an add-on or other way to do the same thing in Agendus or in the built-in Palm apps, I'd like to know.

    I know I'm getting pretty demanding, but I'd prefer not to spend much time converting files so I can attach them. Simpler is better. The main goal is to avoid double-inputting. I often dump ideas into the recorder when I'm driving. If I can attach those recordings to brief memos or ToDo's once I get back to the office, I can avoid some of the double-dumping time.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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    I don't see anything in either Agendus or the Palm Desktop app that would allow insertion of a WAV or other file, or a hyperlink to such a file.

    Perhaps the encouraging item in your message, though, is that Outlook apparently provides such a mechanism. Our firm is converting to Outlook this fall. So maybe I'll just hang on until then.



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      .wav files

      I believe there is a program called ToDoNow from PDA Performance ( that allows one to link just about any type of file to a todo (on the Palm). I don't know if that's what you're looking for.