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Blackberry 7100t

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  • Blackberry 7100t

    Trying out a new Blackberry 7100T phone and BB combo from Tmobile. The first BB I've used that allows you to list tasks by a category. Limited GTD usage but better than my 957 without the ability to filter tasks by context. The phone works great and I really like it so far. Have it for a 14 day trial to make sure I want to keep it.

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    re:Blackberry 7100T

    Got mine last week and am loving it. The tasks section is a bit weak but fuctional. I sync to Outlook so most of my heavy duty task management is done there.


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      How have you been able to synch tasks in Outlook with your BB. Mine only automatically does messgaes and addresses. Would like to move copy other folders from tasks.


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        Blackberry 7100T

        On the desktop director, select Intellisync, then select tasks to sync.


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          Review/feedback after a month?


          Did you keep the 7100t? If you did, could you post some additional feedback on your experience, especially with the tasks / categories functionality?



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            BB 7100t

            I would loved to have the kept the 7100t but the tmobile coverage area in Oklahoma wasn't good enough. The ability to sort tasks by category make it much easier to use GTD methodology. For now, I'm back to my PPC with Agenda Fusion, and packing my BB 957 as a second device. Tmobile was extremely helpful and accepted my 7100 back with no problems whatsoever. Definitely worth giving it a try in your area.


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              Now I'm looking at the 7100 to simplify my life.

              How is it as a phone?

              Does it work for GTD?

              Can you add applications onto the BB, like you can with a palm?

              I'm looking to sync with my PC at work and my Mac at home



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                Blackberry works well for GTD

                I recently picked up a 7280 (on ebay no less) and started using it with Outlook for GTD. It's a little different than the 7100, but the software and underlying hardware are pretty similar. After using it for a month now I can say a couple of things about it, using it only as a PDA/phone (I'm not giving AT&T the $$$ for data services)

                It does work well for GTD with the OS 4.0 upgrade (adds categories to todo and notes). The biggest issue for me is that this provides me with basic palmpilot functionality (addr/cal/todo/notes) in the same object as my phone so I'm not carrying 2 devices around. I found that when I was carrying 2, I tended to not take the palmpilot with me everywhere, and that negates some of the GTD usage model of writing things down right away.

                As a phone, I'm really happy with it. It seems to get slightly better reception than my SonyEricsson t616 on AT&T/Cingular, and I'm in a pretty dead area, so that's a major issue for me. I though the form factor would be annoying, but it's not the issue I thought it would be.

                Adding apps is easy, but I've been less than thrilled with the volume and price of apps. Maybe I got used to 1000s of free apps for PalmPilots, but there's not as much out there as I expected. I'm really looking for an etext reader, a Bible reader and maybe a zmachine emulator to run zork on and all three of those don't seem to exist (please let me know if you have any of these 3).

                Syncing to Outlook 2003 is EXCELLENT. I don't have a Mac, so I can't comment on that side of things.

                - Mike


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                  I've got the 7100t and like it. As already stated, I now carry one device, rather than two.

                  I sync with outlook on my windows machine and use pocketmac on my Powermac. Right now, categories don't work with pockemac and the ToDo list, but it is being fixed and the support crew says an update is coming out this week.