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Trouble with Outlook task categories & Pocket PC

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  • Trouble with Outlook task categories & Pocket PC

    This is getting annoying and I'm hoping some folks here may have a solution.

    I'm running Outlook 2003 on both my home and work computers. I'm using a Pocket PC with ActiveSync hooked to both computers.

    Let's say I create a category on the work computer called TEST. That category is displayed on the Pocket PC and will show up on the home computer after it's synched. But, the TEST category will not be displayed in the Master Category list in either the Pocket PC or the home computer.

    This leads to a mish-mash of master categories on all three devices.

    Is there a way (or application) that will synch the master category list so I have one current list on all three devices?


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    Outlook Categories

    I have a similar problem with syncing categories between 2 computers and a PPC. I'd be interested to read any replies on this thread.


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      The MC list is kept in the "registry," due to this it is impossible (to my knowledge) to "sync" it to the degree you're thinking about.

      I believe this is one of those instances where you have to change your thinking to the way the software works. I hate the barriers as much as you do, but I have taught myself to keep the list a "Master" category list. In that I have a few "core" Master Categories and leave it at that and work within those limits. For me too many categories takes my way of thinking, away from the GTD style I'm trying to work with. It is a limitation in the way they programmed Outlook and while I think it is a huge oversite on the part of MS, it's not fixed yet and I have learned to live within the limitations.

      When you think about it, the Master Category list (once setup) will work for a very long time before you need to add a category.

      Just my thoughts,


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        Email Saver

        Have a look at this it may do what you want