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Information to keep or not to keep. That is the Question!

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  • Information to keep or not to keep. That is the Question!

    Hi my name is Tom and I am guilty of not sticking with any one system long enough to allow it to work it's own bugs out or regenerate itself into something even more powerful. Currently I'm working with Outlook 2003 with GTD Add-In, Bonsai, and a Tungsten T3. I like how it's working. I use Bonsai more for information storage, Large Project Outlines, and the Anthony Robbins RPM Driving Force stuff.

    I'm not sure what notes, completed tasks, and projects I should be keeping a history of and where to keep it.

    What to keep? Sometimes I'm worried that I'm not keeping enough history on my day to day stuff. I read about some people using note taking programs and keeping all sorts of daily records of events and filing info under contacts names and projects, etcetera. I'm not really sure if all that seems like a big pain in the butt and the only reason I don't keep more detailed records is because it's too complicated, and ultimately I'm setting myself up for something to bite me later on. Or, I really don't need to keep track of things that are done. I work with client projects that last 1 year, so I doubt it's the latter. What I really think is that I'm looking for a simple way of keeping track of important client information and the projects and tasks I complete relating to their projects.

    I could keep all project notes under the notes section of the project task in Outlook and then when the project is complete, transfer everything to the Contact Record in Outlook, if it's important to keep. Or I could keep all notes and pertinent info on the Bonsai side and just use Outlook for completion of tasks. The upside of using Outlook for the notes as well, is that Outlook will automatically keep a record of all completed tasks that are linked to the project.

    I would appreciate some input on what type of contact stuff is important to keep always, and what methods some are using for record keeping.

    Thank you.